Bad Crypto Podcast – The Hero Report #40 Summary (April 21, 2021) 

State of the Megaverse

The Series 1 pack opened rate has reached 90.63% (9209/10000 Hero Packs, 2120/2500 Titan Packs opened). What’s more, the Electric Genesis STILL hasn’t been found! This means that the Blue Wizard’s bounty offer of $20,000 USD for the Electric Genesis still stands! There are also a number of Secret Smoke 1/1 cards still remaining among both the remaining Series 1 Hero and Titan Packs. As for Series 2 packs, there are 71.38% opened (77277/10218 Hero Packs, 2794/4158 Titan Packs, 1897/3021 Gallery Crates, 2615/8000 Mini Packs). (*Note: The 71.38% does not include Mini Packs.) 

First Strike (BCH 2.0) Upgrade/Burn Mechanisms Continue!

  • First Strike Burn Upgrade

The burn upgrade mechanism is still active, which means you can burn any 5 cards of a particular variation to upgrade them to a random card of the next higher variation. Remember, this only applies to First Strike (Series 2) cards. Do not burn Series 1 cards!     

  • Upgrade for Collector’s Edition Cards  

For the second First Strike burn upgrade mechanism for Collector’s Edition cards, you must burn a complete set of either 20 Heroes or 20 Villains to upgrade to a Collector’s Edition variant. You can upgrade your sets as you crack packs and make sets, while also shortening the circulating supply of Blockchain Heroes cards. Check your collections at and do your burns at Good luck! 

Stonk Wars!

As of today, 5799/7500 (77.32%) Stonk Wars packs have been opened, showing a very healthy open rate. Remember that a full set includes a total of 10 Heroes and Villains, as this is a mini-set. 

Artifact Ascension Attempts! 

There have been 20 attempts thus far, but only ONE successful Ascension! There were no new Ascension attempts this week. Anyone who makes an attempt will have a 90% chance of getting an animated Ascended Artifact, and a 10% chance of getting an Artifact of Ascension, which gives the owner the opportunity to appear on their very own Blockchain Hero (or Villain) NFT! We will keep this event going until the release of Blockchain Heroes 3.0. You can still find the Artifacts inside packs, as well as the secondary market.  

Update 2.7 – COMING SOON

With Update 2.7, we are planning to introduce utility to the recently released Motespawns and Motes. We are working as hard as we can to get everything ready, and to be honest, we could use even more manpower, so if you know any good EOSIO developers, or just any high-skilled developers in other blockchain fields, please reach out to us! Stay tuned for the next update!   

$MEME Coin Collaboration

Our collaboration with $MEME coin is coming very soon, with an announcement from the $MEME Coin team soon and an expected launch of April 24th at 1:37 PM (EST). The website is We recommend watching the replay of the Hero Report so that you can appreciate the visuals, especially our new Hero, Pint Size, which is the very first Blockchain Hero to be minted on the Ethereum blockchain! To participate in the $MEME project, you first need to purchase some $MEME coin. Then, you stake them to earn Pineapples. For every $MEME you stake, you earn 1 Pineapple per day. Then, once you’ve accumulated enough Pineapples, you can spend them on various NFTs that become available. Through our collaboration, you will be able to purchase our newest Hero, Pint Size: 

  • Common Variant – x/250: Selling for 15 Pineapples and .01 ETH
  • Epic Variant – x/100: Selling for 30 Pineapples and 0.1 ETH 
  • Legendary Variant – x/10: Selling for 45 Pineapples and 1.0 ETH
  • Action Card – 1/1(!): This variant will go up for Auction

Visit to learn more about the project and also check out more of the amazing art you can find for sale on the site. As for the $MEME coin itself, you can purchase it on Uniswap. 

Graffiti Kings Release

We are pleased to announce the release of 100 hand-painted Genesis vinyl toys. We will be selling 90 of them for $500 each, with each sale including the corresponding NFT that matches the real product. We highly recommend watching the Hero Report replay on YouTube. Look for the official announcement from Graffiti Kings soon!  

New Collaboration and Promos! Alpaca Worlds

Today we released a new promo NFT in collaboration with Alpaca Worlds: The Masked Alpaca. Today we revealed the Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, Golden Fury, and Secret Smoke variants. The Common variants are giveaways, the Uncommon variants may or may not be given away (TBD), the Rare variants will be exclusive to Nifty Box Star members, the Epic variants will be exclusive to Nifty Box King members, the Legendary and Mythic variants will be made available on Atomic Hub from next week, the Golden Fury variants (x/2) will likely be auctioned, and finally the 1/1 Secret Smoke variant will definitely be auctioned. We will be revealing much more about this project next week, including a brand new rarity-vs-variant relationship! Stay tuned! 

Upland Collectibles Update

We are happy to announce that the Upland collaborations sale was a huge success, with 53.06% (5306/10000) of the Hero Packs opened and 66.21% (6621/10000) of the Titan Packs opened thus far. We have received great positive feedback from members of both the Blockchain Heroes and Upland communities. We are also pleased to announce that all of the Upland Collectibles cards are now able to be staked for AETHER on R-Planet ( You can also trade your accumulated AETHER for WAX or other tokens at  

The Bitcoin Collection

Today marked the successful launch of the April release of the Bitcoin Elite collection. The sale is over, but the auction for the 1/1 VESA NFT is still ongoing. Good luck to all who bid! Remember that all Bitcoin Collection pieces, including the promos, are stakeable on R-Planet!   

TheUplift.World Update

Today we took a peek at the Blockchain Heroes space in TheUplift, which is a continual work in progress, and growing rapidly! Our very own Zach is working hard to build out our space as quickly as possible, and he is also working to expand our land, so if you happen to be a landowner nearby or adjacent to the Blockchain Heroes land, then we are happy to work with you on a trade.   

$HERO Headquarters (Discord)

Look forward to more fun events that are only available by holding $HERO. Remember you will need at least 50 $HERO in your wallet to access additional channels in our Discord server. Please join us there for more details and all kinds of fun: 

Special Drop for Attendees!

Today we did a special Pint Size Sticker variant drop to everyone who joined the livestream tonight. Congrats to all who attended! 


New Podcast: Nifty News!

We are happy to announce our launch of another NFT-based podcast: Nifty News! Please find it wherever you normally consume podcasts. And if you happen to come across any nifty news-worthy items, please tag @ecellcryptochick in the official $HERO HQ Discord when sharing, so that she can check it out and we can include it in our show.  

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report. Hope to see you all in Discord (, and see you all next week!