The Hero Report #36 Summary (March 17, 2021) 

State of the Megaverse

The Series 1 pack opened rate has reached 90.30% (9188/10000 Hero Packs, 2099/2500 Titan Packs opened), and you guessed it! The Electric Genesis still hasn’t been found! There are only 812 packs remaining, AND the Blue Wizard’s bounty offer of $20,000 USD for the Electric Genesis still stands. Keep in mind there are ALSO 10 Secret Smoke 1/1 cards remaining among both the 812 remaining Series 1 Hero and 401 remaining Titan Packs. As for Series 2 packs, there are 69.75% opened (7594/10218 Hero Packs, 2686/4158 Titan Packs, 1854/3021 Gallery Crates, 2316/8000 Mini Packs). (*Note: The 69.75% does not include Mini Packs.) 

First Strike (BCH 2.0) Upgrade/Burn Mechanisms Continue!

  • First Strike Burn Upgrade

The burn upgrade mechanism is still active, which means you can burn any 5 cards of a particular variation (thereby removing them from the total supply) to upgrade them to a random card of the next higher variation. Remember, this only applies to First Strike (Series 2) cards. Do not burn Series 1 cards!     

  • Upgrade for Collector’s Edition Cards   

For the second First Strike burn upgrade mechanism for Collector’s Edition cards, you must burn a complete set of either 20 Heroes or 20 Villains to upgrade to a Collector’s Edition variant. It’s a great way to upgrade your sets as you crack packs and fill in the gaps in your sets, while also shortening the circulating supply of Blockchain Heroes cards. Check your collections at and do your burns at Good luck! 

Artifact Ascension Attempts! 

There have been 20 attempts thus far, but only ONE successful Ascension! While that is not a great success rate thus far, anyone who makes an attempt will always have a 90% chance of getting an animated Ascended Artifact, and a 10% chance of getting an Artifact of Ascension, which gives the owner the opportunity to appear on their very own Blockchain Hero (or Villain) NFT! We will keep this event going until the release of Blockchain Heroes 3.0. 

Stonk Wars!

As of this Hero Report, 5552/7500 (74.03%) Stonk Wars packs have been opened, after selling out in only 35 seconds! For those still working on complete sets, remember that a set includes a total of 10 Heroes and Villains. 

Firewatch (Update 2.6)

The race for Gallery Collections officially ended today at 12pm EST. Congratulations to all who collected complete sets of borders in all the different rarities. During the Hero Report, we introduced the next phase of this update: Motes! 

Introducing Motespawns and Motes

Tonight we introduced some new creatures that have been discovered on the blockchain: Motespawns. At the most basic level, Motespawns are entities that generate mysterious particles called Motes. From what we can tell, Motespawns both have utility while also generating Motes. The best analogy that we can come up with is the concept of “land” and the revenue that lands generate in other blockchain universes. Today we revealed three of the Motes that we have discovered so far, each of which is tied to everyone’s allegiance (Hero, Villain, or Neutral): 

  • Mote of Redemption (Hero Allegiance) 
  • Mote of Balance (Neutral Allegiance)
  • Mote of Corruption (Villain Allegiance)

Next we revealed Motespawns, whose primary purpose seems to be to generate Motes. However, it is not yet clear how much they generate, or how often. We hope to have those answers as soon as possible. So far, we have discovered three variations of Motespawns:

  • Grade One Motespawn
  • Grade Two Motespawn
  • Grade Three Motespawn

All Motes and Motespawns will be dropping Thursday, so be on the lookout! This first round of Motes will be rewards for participating in Update 2.6 (Firewatch). For the time being, think of these as the currency of the Blockchain Heroes Universe.  

$MEME Coin Collaboration

Our collaboration with $MEME coin, with the newly announced Hero, Pint Size, in April is fast approaching! To participate in the $MEME project, you will first need to buy $MEME coin. Then, you stake them to earn Pineapples. For every $MEME you stake, you earn 1 Pineapple per day. Finally, you can spend your earned Pineapples to purchase various NFTs that become available. Today we revealed the variants and mint numbers of the Pint Size NFTs we will be releasing: 

  • Pint Size Common Variant – x/250: Selling for 5 Pineapples and .01 ETH
  • Pint Size Epic Variant – x/100: Selling for 15 Pineapples and 0.1 ETH 
  • Legendary – x/10: Selling for 45 Pineapples and 1.0 ETH
  • Action Card – 1/1(!): This variant will go up for Auction

Visit to learn more about the project, and you can purchase $MEME on Uniswap. This will mark our first foray into the Ethereum NFT ecosystem. We will reveal more information as we get closer to the launch in April!

Graffiti Kings

Darren Cullen is a professional graffiti artist who runs Graffiti Kings in London, and he has started a new commercial venture incorporating street art and NFTs. We showed some amazing examples tonight during the livestream that we think will blow your mind, so please check out the replay on YouTube if you have time. But wait, there’s more! Darren and crew also create vinyl toys! So you’ll never guess what we ended up doing… or maybe you can? Again, please check out the livestream replay to see some amazingness! Hint: Think physical things that are also connected to the blockchain! (Real-life Genesis, anyone?) 

Upland Collectibles

Our upcoming collaboration with Upland Collectibles will kick off as scheduled from April 6! We have decided to do the sales in two stages, so that everyone has an opportunity to get one regardless of your timezone. First, at 12 noon EST, the first half of the packs will go on sale, and then, 12 hours later, at midnight 12 noon PST (noon in Australia). Then, the pack opening will be made available from noon EST on April 7 (exactly 24 hours after the first sale). All packs are pre-minted, so there is no need to rush to open packs. As announced last week, the set will include 59 Director Block Explorers in 5 rarities: Common (1 star), Rare (2 stars), Epic (3 stars), Legendary (4 stars), and Mythic (5 stars). Similarly, we will be introducing 42 Blockchain Heroes explorers, which will also come in the 5 rarities of Common (1 star), Rare (2 stars), Epic (3 stars), Legendary (4 stars), and Mythic (5 stars) variants. For these, there will be 10 of each Mythic rarity variant, and these will be able to be introduced into the Upland universe as actual, playable characters. We will also be awarding the following special NFTs along the way:  

  • Prizes (think “in-game items”) (Rare: x/25) 
  • Stamps (Rare: x/25)
  • Heroes Illustrations (BCH HQ etc.) – (2 Rarities: Sketch and TBD) 
  • 3D Explorers (Mythic: x/8)
  • Postcards (2 Rarities (TBD): x/10) 

In addition, we will also be including Sticker variants with a mint of x100. 

Fourth Uplands Promo Drop! 

For the fourth promo drop for Upland, we will be dropping the Bitcoin Bro Explorer NFTs only to Nifty Box holders. If you don’t have a Nifty Box membership, there are some available on the secondary market (, but make sure you are purchasing the correct item. We have one more Uplands promo that we will be dropping next week, so stay tuned! 

ANOTHER Big WAX Partnership Coming Soon!

While we can’t divulge more right now, we want you to know that there is a LOT happening in the WAX blockchain space, and we can’t wait to tell you more as soon as we can! 

The Bitcoin Elite Pre-Launch NFTs

For this month’s Bitcoin Elite release, we have started releasing a series of promo pre-launch NFTs, with gradually increasing prices (and lower total mints) each day: 0.21 WAX (x/1000), 2.1 WAX (x/750), 21 WAX (x/420), 210 WAX (x/210), and 2100 WAX (x/21). Check them out at:

The Bitcoin Elite – March Release Announcement! 

We will be launching our next installment of the Bitcoin Collection on March 21, 2021. This release will commemorate the Bitcoin price on January 3rd, 2010, which was $0.04. Check out the reveal of this new NFT series on the replay of the Hero Report on YouTube. We are incorporating two new gamification twists for this release. First, we have a new rule that each wallet will be limited to ONE item only. In addition, we will be releasing TWO different variants of this edition, which will be randomly assigned to all who purchased one. This means you won’t know which variant you receive until you receive it. If you are new to this project, we encourage you to join the official Telegram group at:   

NFTuesdays on Clubhouse, 9PM EST

There was no NFTuesday on the Clubhouse app (currently iOS only) this week due to the team’s traveling schedule. We plan to continue from next week. Hope to see you there!  

$HERO and the Roll Hack

As you may have heard, the Roll wallet was hacked recently and many projects lost a lot of value. But rest assured we are still strong and proceeding full speed ahead. Please join us in our discord server for more detail and all kinds of fun: 

Free NFT Drop!

Tonight we dropped a new free NFT to all participants in the livestream. It features the “Bad Crypto” name using a nameplate similar to those used in the Blockchain Heroes series. Thanks to all who joined and participated!

Electric Genesis Search 

To finish off tonight’s Hero Report, team member Zach and one of our community members each opened a Series 1 Hero Pack in search of the elusive Electric Genesis, and… unfortunately both did not discover Electric Genesis. 

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report. Hope to see you all in Discord (, and see you all next week!