The Hero Report #35 Summary (March 10, 2021) 

State of the Megaverse

The Series 1 pack opened rate has reached 90.27% (9186/10000 Hero Packs, 2098/2500 Titan Packs opened), retaining the crown of the most-consumed series on the WAX blockchain! And you guessed it! The Electric Genesis has still not been found! There are only 814 packs remaining, AND the Blue Wizard’s bounty offer of $20,000 USD for the Electric Genesis still stands. Keep in mind that there are ALSO 10 Secret Smoke 1/1 cards remaining to be found among the 814 remaining Series 1 Hero and 402 remaining Titan Packs. As for Series 2 packs, there are 68.95% opened (7508/10218 Hero Packs, 2662/4158 Titan Packs, 1825/3021 Gallery Crates, 2227/8000 Mini Packs). 

First Strike (BCH 2.0) Upgrade/Burn Mechanisms Continue!

  • First Strike Burn Upgrade

The burn upgrade mechanism is still active, which means you can burn any 5 cards of a particular variation (thereby removing them from the total supply) to upgrade them to a random card of the next higher variation. Remember, this only applies to First Strike (Series 2) cards. Do not burn Series 1 cards!     

  • Upgrade for Collector’s Edition Cards   

To do the second First Strike burn upgrade mechanism for Collector’s Edition cards, you must burn a complete set of either 20 Heroes or 20 Villains to upgrade to a Collector’s Edition variant. It’s a great way to upgrade your sets as you crack packs and fill in the gaps in your sets, while also shortening the circulating supply of Blockchain Heroes cards. Check your collections at and do your burns at Good luck to all! 

Stonk Wars!

As of this Hero Report, 5086/7500 (72.79%) Stonk Wars packs have been opened, after selling out in only 35 seconds! For those still working on complete sets, remember that a set includes a total of 10 Heroes and Villains. 

Stonk Wars! Golden Cards Event

The Stonk Wars packs are still selling briskly on the secondary markets, with packs going for approximately $38 at the time of the Hero Report. 

Firewatch (Update 2.6)

As we hinted at last week, for the Firewatch update, your task is to help protect the BCH Art Gallery from a suspected arsonist by collecting complete Gallery Collections! In addition, in the last week, if you are allied with the Villains, you should have received an NFT message from Captain Quantum, in which he expresses his frustration with being a “Hero” and his decision to join the Villains (gasp!), while also divulging his plans to burn down the BCH Art Gallery! Now, if you recall from Series 1, we had an event in which those who collected complete sets received a new Hero, The Collector, as a reward. Well, The Collector is back, and he’s ready to help the Heroes protect the BCH Art Gallery from Captain Quantum’s evil plans. The Collector will be offering a new reward to everyone who completes their Series 2 unique border collections, which can only be found inside Gallery Crates. When completing your collections, go to the Heroes Tools section of Atomic Hub and choose “Series 2” (First Strike). This will show you the full collections for all the Gallery Crate border series. There are a total of 32 possible border collections (8 border art designs (Fireworks, Liberty, Clash, Rebellion, Big Brother, Gunmetal, Strife, Dirty Fiat) x 4 rarities (Common, Rare, Legendary, Mythic). Note that these collections do NOT include the Classic art card styles. Also, depending on which badge of allegiance you chose (Hero or Villain), you will receive a different reward dropped into your WAX wallet following the official snapshot. Don’t worry if you have not chosen a side, because ALL collectors will be rewarded with something. This event continues until Wednesday, March 17th, at 12pm EST, when a snapshot of all accounts holding BCH cards will be taken, so get collecting! And a note for those of you who are staking your Blockchain Heroes cards to R-Planet: be sure to UNSTAKE them by the time of the snapshot or else they won’t be counted. Check out the replay of the Hero Report on YouTube for more details about Firewatch. You can double check your collection status at the AtomicHub Blockchain Heroes Tools area:

$MEME Coin Collaboration

As we announced last week, our collaboration with $MEME coin with the new Hero aptly named Pint Size is coming in April! Vist to learn more about the project. This will mark our first foray into the Ethereum NFT ecosystem. We will reveal more information about this new project and character as we get closer to April!

Upland Collectibles

Our upcoming collaboration with Upland Collectibles will kick off from April 6! We are happy to announce more details this week. First, the set will include 71 total Director Block Explorers, with each one coming in 4 variations, Common (1 star), Rare (2 stars), Epic (3 stars), Legendary (4 stars), and Mythic (5 stars), with a total minting of 10 of each Director. Similarly, we will be introducing 42 Blockchain Heroes explorers to the Upland universe as well. These NFTs will also be in the 4 variations of Common (1 star), Rare (2 stars), Epic (3 stars), Legendary (4 stars), and Mythic (5 stars) variants. For these, there will be 10 of each Mythic rarity variant, and these will be able to be introduced into the Upland universe as actual, playable characters! But wait, there’s more to this set! We will also be awarding the following special NFTs along the way:  

  • Prizes (think “in-game items”) (Rare: x/25) 
  • Stamps (Rare: x/25)
  • Heroes Illustrations (BCH HQ etc.) – (2 Rarities: Sketch and TBD) 
  • 3D Explorers (Mythic: x/8)
  • Postcards (2 Rarities (TBD): x/10) 

In addition, the third promotional drop will drop by tomorrow (Friday, March 11). This third drop is for Stampede, with the same variations as the previous promo drops: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic (which will be of x/5 and can be imported into the Upland game as real Block Explorers). Now, to be eligible to receive this promo, you must enter the Favorite Property Challenge, as follows:

Upland Favorite Property Challenge

This challenge is all about your most favorite property in the Upland Universe. Regardless of when you purchased it, we went to hear about why you think that particular property is your favorite. Everyone who submits a valid entry will be eligible for the drop. You can submit your entries in the Upland Blockchain Heroes area in the Upland Discord channel. All entries MUST be posted by Friday, March 12, at 5:00pm. (Note: This deadline is subject to change, so please check the Upland discord for final details). Your entry must include a screenshot of the property (that you own!). Your chances of receiving one of the drops will depend on how many valid entries are received by the deadline. Be sure to double-check all submission rules and guidelines before finalizing your submission! If you haven’t joined Upland yet, please visit: Good luck to all who enter!  

The Bitcoin Elite – March Release Announcement! 

We will be launching our next installment of the Bitcoin Collection on March 21, 2021. This release will commemorate the Bitcoin price on January 3rd, 2010, which was $0.04. Check out the reveal of this new NFT series on the replay of the Hero Report on YouTube. Note that we are incorporating the following NEW RULE for this month’s 21-minute Open Edition sale: Each wallet will be limited to ONE item. If you are new to this project, we encourage you to join the official Telegram group at:   

NFTuesdays on Clubhouse, 9PM EST

Last night we had our 3rd NFTuesday event on the Clubhouse app. We host NFTuesdays every Tuesday from 9PM EST. Our goal for this project is to create an NFT Masterclass from creators and builders of NFTs, not just NFTalk! Please join us if you can! (Note: Unfortunately only iOS is supported currently, but the good news is that you can use an iPad or any other iOS device even if you don’t use an iPhone.) 

$HERO HQ is Here! 

As of this week we have launched our new $HERO HQ on Discord, along with our new social token, $HERO. To join the Discord, first visit to get started. Once you get into Discord, you’ll type in !join and the automated bot will help you connect your TryRoll wallet to the channel. This step is necessary so that you can receive free airdrops of the $HERO token, and also send and receive tips to others! For more information about the Roll wallet for social tokens, visit: Hope to see you all there!

Artifact Ascension Attempts! 

While the number of Ascension attempts had remained at 17, with only 1 successful Ascension, for the past couple of weeks, tonight TWO community members, Frank and HurricaneBTC, tried the 18th and 19th Ascension attempts, and the result was: Frank received the Artifact of Greed, while HurricaneBTC received the Artifact of Fraud. Thanks to both members for participating, and congratulations on your new Ascended Artifacts! Remember, anyone who makes an attempt will have a 90% chance of getting an animated Ascended Artifact, and a 10% chance of getting an Artifact of Ascension, which gives the owner the opportunity to appear on their very own Blockchain Hero (or Villain) NFT! We will keep this event going until the release of Blockchain Heroes 3.0. 

To finish off tonight’s Hero Report, we took a tour of the new $HERO HQ Discord channel

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you all next week!