The Hero Report #33 Summary (February 24, 2021) 

Physical Decks 

We want to STRONGLY remind everyone who has yet to claim their physical Blockchain Heroes decks of cards that you only have a FEW days left to claim, by the END OF FEBRUARY. Go to to claim as soon as possible. If you have not purchased a physical deck yet, you may still be able to find one on the open market ( Feel free to ask us if you have any questions.   

State of the Megaverse

The Series 1 pack opened rate has climbed up to 90.08% (9177/10000 Hero Packs, 2083/2500 Titan packs opened). Amazingly, the Electric Genesis has still not dropped (there are only 829 packs remaining!), AND there’s also the Blue Wizard’s bounty offer of $20,000 USD for the Electric Genesis, *if* you could ever bring yourself to part with it! As for Series 2 packs, there are 66.01% opened (7080/10218 Hero Packs, 2549/4158 Titan Packs, 1755/3021 Gallery Crates, 1935/8000 Mini Packs). 

First Strike (BCH 2.0) Badges & Burn Mechanisms

  • First Strike Buyer Badge

Everyone who purchased at least one First Strike Phase 1, Phase 2, or Phase 3 pack received a new non-transferable 3D rotating badge in their accounts. 

  • First Strike Burn Upgrade

The burn upgrade mechanism is still active, which means you can burn any 5 cards of a particular variation (thereby removing them from the total supply) to upgrade them to a random card of the next higher variation. Remember, this only applies to First Strike (Series 2) cards. Do not burn Series 1 cards!     

  • Upgrade for Collector’s Edition Cards   

The second First Strike burn upgrade mechanism for Collector’s Edition cards also continues. To do this upgrade, you must burn a complete set of either 20 Heroes or 20 Villains to upgrade to a Collector’s Edition variant. It’s a great way to upgrade your sets as you crack packs and fill in the gaps in your sets, while also shortening the circulating supply of Blockchain Heroes cards. You can check your collections at and you can do your burns at Good luck to all! 

Artifact Ascension Attempts! 

We saw a new Ascension attempt this week, but unfortunately it was not successful. We have had a total of 17 attempts at Artifact Ascension so far, and 1 successful victory! Anyone who makes an attempt will have a 90% chance of getting an animated Ascended Artifact, and a 10% chance of getting an Artifact of Ascension, which gives the owner the opportunity to appear on their very own Blockchain Hero (or Villain) NFT! We will keep this event going until the release of Blockchain Heroes 3.0. 

Stonk Wars!

As of this Hero Report, 5086/7500 (67.81%) Stonk Wars packs have been opened, after selling out in only 35 seconds! For those still working on complete sets, remember that a set includes a total of 10 Heroes and Villains. 

Stonk Wars! Golden Cards Event

This week we dropped the 20 Golden Cards, for which you could qualify for a chance to get by completing sets of Stonk Wars based on the different rarities. We dropped these during tonight’s Hero Report, so congratulations to the lucky winners!  

Firewatch (Update 2.6)

Following the successful conclusion of Update 2.4 last week, when everyone chose their side of allegiance as a Hero or Villain, tonight we announced the next update: Firewatch. For this Firewatch update, your task is to help protect the BCH Art Gallery by collecting complete Gallery Collections! To do this, go to the Heroes Tools section of Atomic Hub and choose “Series 2” (First Strike). This will show you the full collections for all the Gallery Crate border series. There are a total of 32 possible border collections (8 border art designs (Fireworks, Liberty, Clash, Rebellion, Big Brother, Gunmetal, Strife, Dirty Fiat) x 4 rarities (Common, Rare, Legendary, Mythic). Also note that these collections do NOT include the Classic art card styles; just remember that the Classic variations don’t have borders, so they don’t apply to this update. In addition, depending on which badge of allegiance you chose (Hero or Villain), you will receive a different reward dropped into your WAX wallet. Don’t worry if you have not chosen a side, because ALL collectors will be rewarded with something. This event starts today and continues until Wednesday, March 10th, at 12pm EST, so start collecting! And for those of you who are staking your Blockchain Heroes cards to R-Planet, be sure to UNSTAKE them by the time of the snapshot on Wednesday, March 10th, or else they won’t be counted. 

    Coming Soon…

Today we partially revealed a new Hero that will only be available by staking $MEME coin. For more information on this project, visit We are planning a special release with the $MEME coin team that we are really excited about. This will mark our first foray into the Ethereum NFT ecosystem. We will reveal more information about this new project and character very soon!

The Uplift – Map of the Community Cluster 

The Uplift.Art team have started an innovative new project that combines Minecraft with the WAX ecosystem in which most of the current WAX projects have land plots in Minecraft and will be doing a variety of activities to populate the plots and earn (or win!) WAX for participating and having fun! This project will also include incentives for earning WAX for activities you do on your plot of land, such as hold events or simply get a lot of foot traffic. As for the Blockchain Heroes team, we are planning to construct a 3D Genesis statue somewhere on our land plots. We are looking for people who have the knowledge and creative energy to create some very cool things inside this new Minecraft universe. Please reach out to let us know if you think you might be up to the task! We plan to assign sub-plots of our land out to some very adventurous and creative individuals and will be rewarding contributors with some $HERO tokens. If such a project appeals to you, you can apply at:       

Upland Collectibles

As we announced last week, we are extremely happy to announce our collaboration with Upland Collectibles, which kicks off from March 30, 2021. Tonight we introduced our first promotional drop, a Litespeed Block Explorer NFT. We plan to introduce from 40 to 50 of the Blockchain Heroes to the Upland universe. These NFTs will be in Common (1 star), Rare (2 stars), Epic (3 stars), Legendary (4 stars), and Mythic (5 stars) variants. Note that the Mythics are very special, because they are able to be introduced into the Upland universe as playable characters! We are planning to create 5 of each Mythic variant of all the Heroes we release. To qualify for the drop, you need to be a member of the Upland Discord server, so if you haven’t joined their server yet, please do so ASAP! And if you haven’t joined Upland yet, you can receive some free UPX tokens by joining through the following link:      

The Bitcoin Elite Successful Launch! 

As most of you are aware, we had a hugely successful launch of The Bitcoin Elite collection on February 21. This first drop commemorated the birth of Bitcoin in 2009. There were a total of 361 Open Editions purchased, and the 21 Limited Editions sold out in only ONE (1) second! Then, after 21 hours, the Ultra-Rare VESA 1/1 NFT sold via auction for approximately $6,000 USD. This series will continue next month on the same day of the month, the 21st, so get ready for more amazing art! We also encourage everyone to join the official Telegram group at   

NFTuesdays on Clubhouse, 9PM EST

We are pleased to announce that we have joined Clubhouse and will be hosting NFTuesdays every Tuesday from 9PM EST until we run out of things to talk about. Our goal for this project is to create an NFT Masterclass from creators and builders of NFTs, not just NFTalk! It will be hosted by Joel and Travis, and various guests. 


$Hero HQ Coming Soon! 

The official launch of our social token, $HERO, is imminent. We will be opening a new Discord server along with this project, so stay tuned to our social channels (Telegram, YouTube, Nifty Show, Hero Report, etc.) for more details to come very soon! Tonight we dropped 10 $HERO to all those in attendance of the live Hero Report. Thanks to all who joined us! Going forward, holding $HERO in your wallet will grant you special access to various projects.    

We Still Need Help!

While we absolutely love working in the NFT space, it turns out that we can’t keep up with everything that is happening! So we are looking for an official “intern” to help us with the following tasks: 

  • Keep up with coming projects 
  • Locate potential Nifty Box drops that will add value to all Nifty Box holders
  • Find amazing artists that we can feature, interview, or even collaborate with

If you feel you are up to these tasks, then submit your application at:

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you all next week!