The Hero Report #31 Summary (February 10, 2021) 

State of the Megaverse

The Series 1 pack opened rate has climbed up to 89.95% (9165/10000 Hero Packs, 2079/2500 Titan packs opened). We are so close to 90%! Don’t forget the Electric Genesis still has not dropped, and also our very own Zach is going to give away a Series 1 Hero Pack on the live Hero Report once the pack opened rate reaches 90%! And there’s also the Blue Wizard’s bounty offer of $20,000 USD for the Electric Genesis, if you could ever bring yourself to sell it! As for Series 2 packs, there are 63.34% opened (6804/10176 Hero Packs, 2475/4109 Titan Packs, 1668/2997 Gallery Crates). 

Physical Decks 

You have only 18 days left from today, i.e., the END OF FEBRUARY, to claim all unclaimed physical decks. Go to to claim as soon as you can, because time is running out!  

$Hero HQ Coming Soon! 

As we have announced previously, the launch of our social token, HERO, is imminent. Stay tuned to our social channels (Telegram, YouTube, Nifty Show, Hero Report, etc.) for more details to come soon! 

First Strike Burn Mechanism: The C.E. Race Continues! 

The First Strike upgrade/burn mechanism continues! To upgrade, burn 5 of a particular rarity to upgrade to the next higher rarity. You can also burn a complete set of either 20 Heroes or 20 Villains to upgrade to a Collector’s Edition variant. It’s a great way to upgrade your sets as you crack packs and fill in the gaps in your sets, while also shortening the circulating supply of Blockchain Heroes cards. You can do your burns here: 

Artifact Ascension Attempts! 

We have had 13 attempts at Artifact Ascension, and 1 successful victory! (Congratulations to Crag!) We plan to keep this event live until the release of Blockchain Heroes 3.0. 

First Strike Sale is… OVER!

All sales of First Strike packs and crates have officially ended. If you still need to pick up some packs, you can still pick them up on the secondary markets. The total mint numbers are as follows:  

  • Hero Packs: 51,000 cards (approx.) 
  • Titan Packs: 128,000 cards 
  • Gallery Crates: 165,000 cards
  • Cards Burned: 31,700 cards 

Monday, February 15th, 12pm EST: Stonk Wars Release

The Stonk Wars set is a mini-set, with a total of 10 New Heroes and Villains. The packs contain 3 cards, for $5 in WAX each. There will only be 7,500 packs minted, with 6,500 of them available for sale on the market. (The other 1,000 are reserved for Nifty Box owners: 5 packs for King Boxes, and 2 packs for Star Boxes.) The entire set will be pre-minted, so there is no need to rush for early mints. The Heroes and Villains featured in this series are as follows. Tonight we revealed the package art, done by none other than Sir Lord Travis Wright. Check out the Hero Report livestream reply to check it out! As for the breakdown of card rarities and odds, each pack will contain 2 random Hero or Villain cards, and 1 random BONUS item. So, the first two cards (cards #1 and #2) will be from the Hero or Villain cards, with the following rarities and quantities:

  • Common – 9990 / 990 each
  • Uncommon – 2700 / 270 each
  • Rare – 1500 / 150 each
  • Epic – 480 / 48 each
  • Legendary – 250 / 25 each 
  • Mythic – 30 / 3 each  
  • Secret – 10 / 1 each 

There will also be Collector’s Edition (CE) variants, with a total of 20 items (4 characters). As for the third card (card #3), it will be one of the following BONUS items (7,500 total):

  • Sticker – Common – 4000 / 400 each
  • Uncommon item (TBD) – 1825 / 365
  • Classic – Rare – 1500 / 150 each 
  • Legendary item – 125 / 25 
  • Mythic item – 50 / 10 each 

There are total of 109 total unique items in this set, with 74 of them available in card slots #1 and #2, and the other 35 available in card slot #3. We also revealed the official pack opening video world premiere during the live Hero Report, so check out the livestream replay to see it. Finally, we revealed all of the Stonk Wars characters:


  • Powerplay
  • Master Control
  • Super Stomp
  • Dogeberus
  • Elon Dusk


  • Robbing Hood
  • Shortadel 
  • Grey Witch 
  • Nivlem the Voracious 
  • Bottomline 

And for the sticker fans out there, this set will also include Sticker variants, as well as 4 different Collector’s Editions:

  • 2 New Trophies
  • 2 New Action Cards 

The two Action Cards are Grey Witch and Elon Dusk. As for the Trophies, one is Shortadel and the other is Dogeberus, which we showed a preview of during the livestream. 

The website for this release is, and you can visit the official Blockchain Heroes Telegram channel for more details ( We will be revealing more of the bonus items as the release gets closer!  

Bitcoin Elite Logo Reveal

Today we revealed the new Bitcoin Elite official logo. Check out the replay of the live Hero Report to check it out! 

Update 2.4 – A House Divided

The House Divided event ended at the end of tonight’s Hero Report livestream (8pm EST). Thank you to all who submitted your choice of allegiance. You should receive your official badge soon if you have no already. If you did not choose a side yet, then there’s no need to worry. You will simply be considered “neutral” in the Blockchain Heroes Metaverse.  

Coming Soon… WAX Auctions on ETHEREUM! 

As we announced last week, to commemorate the new WAX Auctions on Ethereum being released by the team at WAX, we are releasing the Rez’Phede 1/1 3D Trophy NFT. Check out the official reveal on the Hero Report livestream replay! 

Announcing Bitcoin Elite – The Definitive Bitcoin Collection

As we first announced last week, we are launching the first Bitcoin Elite Collection on February 21 at 12pm EST:

  • 3D 2009 NFT – 21-Minute Sale (random mints)
  • Limited Edition 21 Classic Edition (random mints)
  • 1/1 Elite Auction 

The Bitcoin Collection commemorates the creation and history of Bitcoin. There will be 3 parts to the sale. First, there is a 21-minute 3D 2009 NFT sale. We will be limiting both the quantity and frequency for buying using timers to give everyone a chance. This purchase is for a non-transferable token, NOT the NFT item itself. Then, when the sale is over, we will drop the actual 3D NFTs randomly to all who purchased during the 21-minute window. This will ensure that all buyers have a random chance for a low mint. For the second part of the sale, there will be a Limited Edition 21 Classic Edition, designed by Vesa for the first February release. This part of the sale will be done just like the first, with buyers first receiving a non-transferable token in their wallets, which is then used for the random drops of the 21 Limited Edition NFTs. Finally, the third part of the sale will be an Elite Auction for a VERY limited (1/1) version of the Limited Edition NFT. This first sale will start on February 21, 2021. You can learn more about the project and register for the mailing list over at the official website, Tonight we revealed the first release for this series.  

Free Gallery Crate Drop!

Today we dropped a free Phase 3 Gallery Crate to all participants in the Hero Report livestream. Congrats to all who attended, and happy crate cracking!  

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you all next week!