The Hero Report #29 Summary (January 27, 2021)

State of the Megaverse
The Series 1 packs continue to steadily be opened, with a total opened rate of 89.82% (9149/1000 Hero Packs, 2079/2500 Titan Packs) as of this Hero Report. This means there are ONLY 851 Series 1 Hero Packs left to be opened! And just a reminder, the Electric Genesis still has not dropped, which means you have a 1/851 (0.117509%) chance of scoring the EG when cracking a Series 1 Hero Pack. Also, to our knowledge the Blue Wizard’s bounty offer of $20,000 USD for the Electric Genesis still stands, which should be some extra motivation to get some of you pack cracking. Series 2, First Strike, packs also continue to be opened at a steady clip, with a 62.32% opened rate (5869/8758 Hero Packs, 2213/3783 Titan Packs, 1448/2750 Gallery Crates).

Physical Decks
We have sent out about two-thirds of all physical decks, and we are planning to send out a 1-month reminder to all of you who have not redeemed your decks yet. This means you have ONE MONTH left to redeem your decks! Go to to claim, because time is running out!

WAX NFT Awards
Time is running out to nominate your favorite NFT projects on the WAX blockchain. There are 5 categories to pick from, and you can nominate a project for only one category. We would greatly appreciate it if you all decided to choose Blockchain Heroes for one of those categories. We like to think we have one of the best communities out there (thanks to you all!), as well as a lot of innovation with our many events (burns and updates, etc.) that have never been done before on any blockchain. You can access the voting site at the following link:

First Strike Burn Mechanism Continues
The First Strike upgrade/burn mechanism continues! To do the upgrade, you burn 5 of a particular rarity to upgrade to the next higher rarity. You can also burn a complete set of either 20 Heroes or 20 Villains to upgrade to a Collector’s Edition variant. It’s a great way to upgrade your sets as you crack packs and fill in the gaps in your sets, while also shortening the circulating supply of Blockchain Heroes cards.

80 Golden Cards to be Dropped
The Golden variants for the First Strike series, Golden Fury (Heroes) and Golden Fiery (Villains), will be dropping to wallets in just a few days! The deadline is THREE DAYS AWAY, on January 31, at 12pm EST. There will be 80 Golden Cards dropped in total, to be dropped randomly to purchasers of Phase 3 Packs and Crates. Keep in mind that the purchases must be retail (original sale) purchases and NOT bought off the secondary market. For every purchase, you will get a predetermined number of tickets (entries) depending on the size of the purchase:
1 Entry per Hero Pack
5 Entries per Titan Pack
7 Entries per Gallery Crate
All Phase 3 retail purchases are eligible, even past purchases, because we are making the entry distribution retroactive to 12/25/2020. So if you purchased any Phase 3 packs or crates from the official sale on Atomic Hub, then you’ll be receiving entries. There is no limit to how many Golden cards you could receive. Remember, the deadline for qualifying purchases is 1/31/21 at 12pm EST.

Nifty Box: Purchase Before January 31, 2021!
If you would still like to purchase a Nifty Box, they will only be available until January 31, 2021. Unfortunately all of the King Nifty Boxes have been sold, but there are still some Star Nifty Boxes available. The price for the remaining Star Nifty Boxes is $349. All unsold boxes will be burned. Purchases can be made in WAX or with PayPal at:

Announcing Bitcoin Elite – The Definitive Bitcoin Collection
Some of you with Nifty Boxes or large amounts of BCH cards in your account may have noticed a special drop recently of a promo NFT called “The Bitcoin Collection” that commemorates the creation and history of Bitcoin. This will be the definitive Bitcoin collection. There will be 3 parts to the sale, which happen concurrently. First, there is a 3D NFT of the 2009 price of Bitcoin, which started, of course, at zero. This will be a 21-minute sale, at a set price, and will be very limited in number. We will be limiting both the quantity and frequency for buying using timers to help keep things civil. Note that this purchase is for a non-transferable token, NOT the NFT item itself. Then, when the sale is over, we will drop the actual 3D NFTs randomly to all who purchased during the 21-minute window. This will ensure that all buyers have a chance for a low mint, or even the mint #1! Then, for the second part of the sale, there will be a Limited Edition 21 Classic Edition, which will be designed by a different artist every month.

The artist Vesa will be the artist for the first month (February). This part of the sale will be done just like the first part, with buyers first receiving a non-transferable token in their wallets, which is then used for the random drops of the 21 Limited Edition NFTs. Finally, the third part of the sale will be an Elite Auction for a VERY limited (1/1) version of the Limited Edition NFT. This first sale will kick off on February 21, 2021. We previewed a work-in-progress version of the first Limited Edition set live during the Hero Report, so check out the replay if you couldn’t catch it live. Note that we are still fine tuning some of these details, so they are subject to change, but you can learn more about the project and register for the mailing list over at the official website,

Genesis T-Shirt… and Others!
Everybody who has purchased a Nifty Box should have already received a special NFT backed with 325 WAX (approximately $13) as credit toward a purchase of the Genesis NFTee on the website. We are also happy to announce the addition of a few more nifty t-shirts on the website, including the Blockchain Heroes “Word” logo, Bitcoin, and Ethereum t-shirts. There are also hoodies available. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Update 2.4 Now Live! “The Best Pack Ever?!”
The official Bitcoin Bro event, “The Best Pack Ever?!,” is also coming to an end at the end of this month. There were 80 of each of the 7 video NFTs minted, and so far there are 23 complete collections out there among the fans. The event will conclude on January 31, 2020 at 4:20pm (!) EST. Everyone who has collected ALL 7 NFTs in their wallet by the deadline will receive a limited edition Bitcoin Bro Collector’s Edition 3D Trophy NFT. Good luck!

Coming Soon: Updates!
While we can’t divulge much now, we are pleased to announce that we will soon be launching three new updates to the Blockchain Heroes: Update 2.5, 2.6, and 2.7. We can, however, give you a couple of hints: These 3 events will be presented in a sequence, and what you do in each update will affect how you experience the subsequent updates. Furthermore, we can offer you a single verbal clue as well regarding these upcoming updates: “A house divided.” These updates will be Gallery Crate focused.

The HERO Token is Coming (Closer)!
Today we gave out a few to participants in the Hero Report livestream, and there is more to come! The HERO token will be redeemable for all kinds of cool stuff in the future, so get ready!

Artifact Ascension Attempts!
There had been 7 Ascension attempts thus far leading up to today’s Hero Report, and then during today’s live stream, community member Craig made another two attempts. He received the Artifact of Balance in his first attempt. Then he decided to go once more! …and he received the Artifact of Flight. The Artifact of Ascension continues to be elusive. Good luck to all future challengers!

Wheel of Heroes!
Tonight we loaded up the Wheel of Heroes with some amazing goodies, including the very newly created (during the Hero Report!) Bitcoin Bro t-shirt! We gave preference to members who dared to open a Series 1 Hero Pack.

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you next week!