State of the Megaverse

The Series 1 packs continue to be opened at a steady rate, with a total opened rate of 88.72% (9024/1000 Hero Packs, 2066/2500 Titan Packs) as of today. Series 2, First Strike, packs are also being opened rapidly, with a 58.50% opened rate (5074/7988 Hero Packs, 1956/3585 Titan Packs, 1251/2582 Gallery Crates). The Mini Packs are not included in this number. Also, if you’re wondering why some Series 1 Hero Packs are selling for higher prices today, it might be for a couple of reasons. First, the Electric Genesis has amazingly still not dropped! Second, there’s a rumor going around that a certain wizard of the blue persuasion might also be interested in finding the elusive Electric Genesis. And when we all know that when The Blue Wizard sets his mind on something, he’s usually pretty serious. In fact, the rumor also includes the tidbit that he would be willing to pay a pretty penny for the Electric Genesis, if someone were to pull it from a Series 1 Hero Pack.  

As for the Electric Disciple, well there is news about that too. None other than our very own Mr. Joel Comm just happened to be breaking a Phase 1 Pack yesterday and pulled Electric Disciple! But there’s more! It turns out that The Blue Wizard was interested in the Electric Disciple, too, so he purchased it from Joel for $10,000 in WAX! Joel then donated 50% of the proceeds to, a non-profit organization focused on bringing clean water to developing nations. (To make a donation of your own, send it to doxay.wam.)

Interview with The Blue Wizard

As we noted above, as many of you have already experienced, The Blue Wizard has been making waves in the WAX NFT community, most famously by spending almost $1,000,000 USD on NFTs so far! We are excited to announce that we have taped an interview with The Blue Wizard that will be airing this Sunday, January 17. He will pay $20,000 USD to whoever pulls Electric Genesis! Moreover, if Electric Genesis is not found by Sunday when the interview airs, he plans to wait 24 hours and then start purchasing unopened Series 1 Hero Packs from the market so that he can pull Electric Genesis himself! 

Physical Decks 

This is your weekly reminder to claim your Physical Decks if you have not done so already. Please go to to claim, because time is running out!  

First Strike Burn Mechanism Continues 

The First Strike upgrade (burn) mechanism continues to hum along. You can burn 5 of a particular rarity to upgrade to the next higher rarity. You can also burn a complete set of either 20 Heroes or 20 Villains to upgrade to a Collector’s Edition variant. It’s a great way to upgrade your sets as you crack packs and fill in the gaps in your sets, while also shortening the circulating supply of Blockchain Heroes cards.   

Artifact Ascension Event Continues! 

There have been 6 Ascension attempts thus far. The rarest artifact has only 15 copies minted so far, so it may be more difficult than expected to collect all 9 of them.

During today’s live Hero Report, community member Craig made two attempts at an Artifact Ascension. He received two amazing Ascendant Artifact NFTs but not the Artifact of Ascension. He may try again for an Artifact of Ascension in the near future. Congratulations and good luck to Craig!

80 Golden Cards to be Dropped 

The Golden variants for the First Strike series will be dropping to wallets soon. There will be 80 Golden Cards dropped in total, to be dropped randomly to purchasers of Phase 3 Packs and Crates. Keep in mind that the purchases must be retail (original sale) purchases and NOT secondary market purchases. For every purchase, you will get a predetermined number of tickets (entries) depending on the size of the purchase:  

  • 1 Entry per Hero Pack
  • 5 Entries per Titan Pack  
  • 7 Entries per Gallery Crate

The good news is that all Phase 3 retail purchases are eligible, even past purchases, because we are making the entry distribution retroactive to 12/25/2020. So if you purchased any Phase 3 packs or crates from the official sale on Atomic Hub, then you’ll be receiving entries. There is no limit to how many Golden cards you could receive. The deadline to make qualifying purchases is 1/31/21 at 12pm EST. 

Nifty Box: Purchase Before January 31, 2021!

If you would still like to purchase a King or Star Nifty Box, they will only be available until January 31, 2021. The current prices are $899 for a King Nifty Box and $349 for a Star Nifty Box. Purchases can be made in WAX or with PayPal at: 

Genesis T-Shirt!

Everybody who has purchased a Nifty Box will receive a new Genesis T-Shirt! Here’s how to go about redeeming it. Rather than us having to ship you the t-shirts, like we’ve been doing with the physical decks, we are going to send all Nifty Box holders a special NFT backed by 350 WAX, which you can then burn for the WAX, which approximates to the $13 USD you will need to buy the t-shirt on the website: (*Note for King Nifty Box owners: You will be getting an additional free t-shirt later this year!) 

Update 2.4 Now Live! “The Best Pack Ever?!” 

This update, in collaboration with Bitcoin Bro, consists of a 7-part video NFT moment series commemorating Bitcoin Bro’s best live pack openings. The event will continue for about two more weeks, concluding on January 31, 2020 at 4:20pm EST. Everyone who has collected all 7 NFTs in their wallets by the deadline will receive a limited edition Bitcoin Bro Collector’s Edition 3D Trophy NFT. Good luck to all collectors! 

The HERO Token is Coming (Closer)! 

As we announced previously, we will soon be launching the HERO social token. Today we gave out a few to participants in the Hero Report livestream, and there is more to come! The HERO token will be redeemable for all kinds of cool stuff in the future, so get ready! 

Free NFT Drop! 

Tonight’s free NFT drop was for a special Artifact Ascension event sticker. Everyone who attended the livestream and submitted their address received the free airdrop. Note: This NFT does NOT give you a free chance to ascend; you must still put in the effort for that. 🙂  

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you next week!