State of the Megaverse

The state of the Megaverse in 2021 is very good. The Series 1 packs continue to be opened at a steady rate, with a total opened rate of 88.54% (9002/1000 Hero Packs, and 2066/3500 Titan Packs). Note that we have also crossed over 90% of all Series 1 Hero Packs opened. As for Series 2, First Strike, the opened rate is also steadily increasing, currently at 56.50% (4798/7774 Hero Packs, 1859/3533 Titan Packs, 1161/2531 Gallery Crates). At least one Sinister has been pulled so far, BUT still NO Electric Genesis! With now less than 1000 unopened Series 1 Hero Packs left, those odds keep looking tastier and tastier! There are also still 11 Secret Smoke cards hidden among the remaining Series 1 Hero and Titan Packs. 


As we introduced last week, the “DustBusted” DUST Multiplier is now available! This multiplier will give your telegram posts an extra boost when earning (“mining”) DUST by being active in a DUST-enabled Telegram channel. The multiplier is not a specific number, but rather is chosen each time by RNG, which picks a number between 2 and 5 each time. Just look for “DustBusted” on Atomic Hub if you’d like to pick one up and see what they can do!    

Physical Decks 

This is your weekly reminder to claim your Physical Decks if you have not done so already. Go to to claim! 

Upland Collaboration

As we first announced last week, we have started our collaboration with Upland to participate in a new series of collectibles. If you are already on the platform as a “Director” or “Executive,” then you should already have your own new “Explorer” collectible NFT. If you haven’t explored the Upland virtual universe, we highly recommend it. We are very excited about what they’ve got planned. Check out their Medium blog post for more information on this exciting new promotion: We revealed the new Silver Scientist and Bitcoin Bro Upland Explorers on the Hero Report livestream, so check out the replay if you have a chance.  

R-Planet NFT Staking

For those of you who have started staking your Blockchain Heroes NFTs to R-Planet, they have announced that multi-sig (“multiple signatures”) is now live on their website. This means that you can now stake your NFTs to their platform without completely transferring custody over to them (that is, they cannot remove them without your permission), and then receive their staking reward token Aether in return.  

First Strike Update 

The First Strike upgrade (burn) mechanism is alive and well. Remember, you can burn 5 of a particular rarity to upgrade to the next higher rarity. You can also burn a complete set of either 20 Heroes or 20 Villains to upgrade to a Collector’s Edition variant. It’s a great way to upgrade your sets as you crack packs and fill in the gaps in your sets.

Our new gifting website for gifting Blockchain Hero cards is live at You can login with your WAX account to send Blockchain Hero NFTs to anybody! Moreover, the main website of this gifting platform is now open for gifting *any* NFT that you may want to send somebody. The main site can be accessed at:

Artifact Ascension Event Begins! 

Today the Artifact Ascension event officially started. To participate, you will need to collect one of each of the 9 Artifact NFTs (3 from each Phase). Some of them are quite limited in number, and there will only ever be a maximum of 100 of each one minted, ever. Once you have all 9 collected, you can submit them for a 90% chance for an Ascendant NFT, and a 10% chance for the ULTIMATE reward, an Artifact of Ascension, which is your golden ticket to becoming your own Blockchain Hero! (Or, if you so choose, you can sell or trade it to someone who wants to become a Hero… or Villain!).

Golden Cards! 

The Golden variants for the First Strike series are being prepared for dropping to wallets. There will be 80 Golden Cards dropped in total, and they will be dropped randomly to purchasers of Phase 3 Packs and Crates. Keep in mind that the purchases must be retail (original sale) purchases and NOT secondary market purchases. For every purchase, you will get a predetermined number of tickets (entries) depending on the size of the purchase:  

  • 1 Entry per Hero Pack
  • 5 Entries per Titan Pack  
  • 7 Entries per Gallery Crate

The good news is that all Phase 3 retail purchases are eligible, even past purchases, because we are making the entry distribution retroactive to 12/25/2020. So if you purchased any Phase 3 packs or crates from the official sale on Atomic Hub, then you’ll be receiving entries. The deadline to make qualifying purchases is 1/31/21 at 12pm EST. Rest assured that we are keeping track of ALL official sales to make sure everybody gets the correct number of entries. 

Visit the Atomic Hub “Hero Tools” interface for quick access to all Blockchain Heroes sales, events, and pack opening links:  

Live Artifact Ascension Event! 

Today during the live Hero Report, community member Craig made two attempts at an Artifact Ascension. He received two amazing Ascendant Artifact NFTs but not the Artifact of Ascension. He may try again for an Artifact of Ascension in the near future. Congratulations and good luck to Craig!

Nifty Box Sales Deadline

If you would still like to purchase a King or Star Nifty Box, they will only be available until January 31, 2021. The current prices are $899 for a King Nifty Box and $349 for a Star Nifty Box. Purchases can be made at: 

Next Week – Update 2.4: Bitcoin Bro’s “The Best Pack Ever?!”

Next week we will be releasing Update 2.4 in coordination with Bitcoin Bro. This update consists of a 7-part video NFT series commemorating the “Best Pack Ever” live pack openings by Bitcoin Bro. The event will conclude on January 31, 2020 at 4:20pm (!) EST, when everyone who has collected all 7 NFTs in their wallets will receive a limited edition Bitcoin Bro Collector’s Edition 3D Trophy NFT! The good news is that every account that has purchased at least one retail pack (official sale, not secondary market) by the timestamp date (above) will receive one of 7 NFTs randomly!   

The HERO Token is Coming! 

Be on the lookout for the HERO token, coming later this month in January. We will start with a pre-distribution of tokens to community members, and it will be redeemable for all kinds of cool stuff in the future, so get ready! 

Free NFT Drop! 

Tonight’s free NFT drop was for a new Disciple bonus sticker. Everyone who attended the livestream and submitted their address received the free airdrop.  

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you next week!