State of the Megaverse

The open rate for Series 1  packs jumped a lot this week, rising up to 87.32% after someone went wild on cracking some packs. There are now only 1,123 unopened Hero Packs left, and 462 Titan Packs left. More importantly, the Electric Genesis still has NOT dropped! So you know what to do! 

As for Series 2, First Strike, despite there being more packs available, the open rate is a very healthy 55.32%, showing a very vibrant market. Hero Packs seem to be the most popular type, followed by Galler Crates and Titan Packs. Moreover, the Electric Disciple has yet to drop (from a Hero Pack), so keep an eye out as you open packs! 

Series 1 Physical Decks

Believe it or not, there are still a number of you out there who have not yet claimed your physical decks. If you fall into this category, please redeem your decks ASAP! There is not much time left! You can easily claim your physical decks at:     

New LEGEND Badge!

It’s been a while since we released a new badge, but we are pleased to be able to release one more badge to close out the year: the Legend Badge! This badge is going out to all BCH community members who 1) participated in the Genesis sale and 2) participated in ALL FIVE of this year’s for which badges were awarded (The Vortex, Mythic Trinity, The Forge, The Collector, and Advanced Enchanting. By our count, there are ONLY 23 Legends in the BCH metaverse, so congrats to all the Legends!     

New Partnership! Upland

We have once again partnered with Upland to create a new set of custom collectible packs specific to Upland called “Block Explorers,” including some Blockchain Heroes Block Explorers. But wait, there’s more! If you are an Executive or Director inside the game, you can create your own custom Explorer *and* also receive the #1 and #2 mints of that Explorer, PLUS 20,000 UPX (the in-game currency) to go with them! In addition to the (voxel-fied) Blockchain Heroes Explorers, there will be a number of Explorers from a number of other blockchain projects. Moreover, these new Block Explorers will be totally functional and usable inside the Upland game itself! For more information about this new promotion, visit the following URL:  now Allows Blockchain Heroes Staking! 

You may have heard about the “R-Planet” project if you hang around the local NFT telegram channels, but if you’re interested in taking part in their staking program, in which you receive their native token “Aether” in exchange for staking your NFTs to their platform, we are pleased to announce that you can now stake your Blockchain Heroes NFTs to R-Planet and receive staking rewards! While the groups behind R-Planet are primarily from EOS-based projects, the same individuals have already introduced Simple Assets (e.g., GPK) and Tribal Books to the WAX blockchain. One thing to consider before deciding whether to stake your NFTs with them is the fact that R-Planet *does* gain custody of your NFTs during the staking period. However, we are confident in the team behind R-Planet, and that is why we have allowed BCH cards to be staked on their platform. They are also currently doing a 5x rewards promotion, so if you might be interested in trying out their platform, you might want to give it a try ASAP!   

First Strike C.E. Race 

The race continues for Collector’s Edition BCH cars! Burn a complete set to upgrade to a Collector’s Edition NFT. If you find it difficult to part with your complete sets after making the effort to collect them, we suggest keeping one complete set for your collection, and then burning another one for the Collector’s Edition. Also keep in mind that Phase 3 (packs at a lower price!) represents a good opportunity to pick up some extra cards to complete your sets.   

Send BCH with 

The website now open to send ANY Blockchain Hero NFT, not just packs as we announced previously. 

Update 2.3 – Artifact Ascension

On January 6, 2021, 12pm EST, we will be starting Burn #3, in which you can burn a set of all 9 Artifacts to receive either an Ascendant Artifact (90% chance) or the opportunity to get your very own BCH card (10% chance), that is, a Blockchain Hero in your image! Remember that Artifacts 1, 2, and 3 are ONLY available in Phase 1 packs, Artifacts 4, 5, and 6 are ONLY available in Phase 2 packs, and Artifacts 7, 8, and 9 are ONLY available in Phase 3 packs! 

Phase 3 Sale is LIVE

Phase 3 sales are now live, so be sure to check them out on Atomic Hub. And remember that Artifacts 7, 8, and 9 are ONLY available in these Phase 3 packs, as noted in the previous section.  

Golden Cards!

For Series 2, First Strike, we will only be releasing Golden Fury variants for the Heroes, not the Villains. For the Villains, we will be releasing Golden “Firies!” (Because, FIRE!). There will be 80 Golden Cards dropped randomly among all purchasers of Phase 3 packs, valid retroactively from December 25. Here are the details on your chances (“entries”) per pack type: 

  • 1 Entry per Hero Pack
  • 5 Entries per Titan Pack
  • 7 Entries per Gallery Crate

All purchase of Phase 3 packs are valid, retroactive to 12/25/2020, and lasts through all sales until 1/31/21, 12pm EST. Good luck to everyone, and may the Furies and Firies be with you!

Nifty Box Update

Sales of first Nity Box will end on January 31, 2021. The King Boxes are $899 (only 11 remain) and Star Boxes are $349 (only 100 remain). This will be the last chance to get a Nifty Box substriction for the year 2021! All unsold Nifty Boxes will be burned. 

Dustweaver Update 

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a DUST “Multiplier” NFT that will power-up your DUST earning in the official BCH Telegram channel. This means you can now earn even more DUST simply by being active in the Blockchain Heroes Telegram channel! 

Update 2.4 Coming Soon!

Look forward to the release of Update 2.4 on January 13, 2021. We can neither confirm or deny that Bitcoin Bro might be participating in some capacity. 

Announcing the HERO Token!

While we don’t have many details yet, we have decided to launch a new social token called the HERO token. This will be an ERC-20 token with a total mintage of 10,000,000 that can be used for a variety of special permissions and opportunities, including special access to events or special NFT spaces. Look forward to more details to come as soon as we can provide them! 

New Game in the Works?

We are actively researching a new type of online digital game that incorporates Blockchain Heroes cards. The goal is to not only design and release an amazing digital card game, but to also bring new added value to the Blockchain Heroes cards themselves. Just to clarify, this project is still in the *research* stage, so we cannot yet make any type of promise regarding its release.   

This Week’s Free NFT Drop: One-Card Mini Packs! 

We have a very special drop planned for New Year’s Day. On that day, every WAX account that has at least one Blockchain Hero asset will receive one Mini Pack containing ONE random Phase 3 Blockchain Heroes NFT! (*Note: If you are staking your BCH assets at R-Planet, be sure to still have at least one BCH asset in your wallet to qualify for the drop.) While the official drop is scheduled for New Year’s Day, we also dropped a free Mini Pack to all the participants in today’s livestream Hero Report. Thanks to all who participated in tonight’s stream and enjoy your Mini Pack!   

Wheel of Packs & Community Pack Cracking Party

Tonight we put some First Strike Titan Packs and Gallery Crates on the wheel to offer to those who volunteered to open packs during the Hero Report livestream. Congrats to everyone’s great pulls!   

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you next week!