State of the Megaverse

Series 1 

We’ve got some great numbers to report for the state of the BCH Series 1 packs. We have reached a total number of 8,750 (87.5%) unboxed Hero Packs out of 10,000, and a total of 2,030 Titan Packs unboxed to date. What about Electric Genesis, you ask? Well, let it be known that it STILL(!) has not dropped! Remember, there are ONLY 1,250 packs left, so your chances of snagging the Notorious E.G. are getting higher every day!  

Series 2 – First Strike 

So far we’ve already seen 1,803 out of 5,220 Hero Packs opened, 753 out of 1,872 Titan Packs opened, and 539 out of 1,086 Gallery Crates opened, which comes out to a pack opened (minted) rate of 37.85%. As for Electric Disciple, it has not yet dropped either! However, the Sinister (1/1) Rez-Phede did actually drop, amazingly, on the first day of the sale! Congratulations to the proud new owner!

You can check out the full set of Blockchain Heroes releases and variants at the Blockchain Heroes Tools section of Atomic Hub:

Physical Deck Updates

PLEASE don’t forget to claim your physical decks if you haven’t already! We have shipped out many so far, but many of you still have not claimed. You can claim your physical decks at:     

First Strike Release! 

Phase 1 – Fans

We are proud to report that the official BCH Series 2, First Strike, sold out by about midnight on release day. We would like to thank each and every one of you who participated in the sale! 

Phase 2 – Friends

You may have noticed that Phase 2 (Friends) is already underway. We will be continuing this sale through Christmas Eve. Until that deadline, there are unlimited packs available for purchase during this Phase. In addition, we have increased the odds for getting Artifact NFTs to DOUBLE the odds of Phase 1 (see the specific odds below). 

Don’t forget that for Phase 2, we are encouraging everyone to get into the holiday spirit and try to send some packs as gifts to friends and family to introduce them to Blockchain Heroes, NFTs, and the WAX blockchain all in one simple process. You can do this at Check it out! Our goal is to onboard 5,000 people to the BCH and WAX ecosystem. 

Phase 3 – Fun  

After Phase 2 we will start Phase 3, “Fun,” which we hope will help solve the “new collector” problem by making it easier for them to get started, but keep in mind the odds of getting a Collector’s Edition will be a little lower. 

Also, The Burn Begins!

The new Burn Mechanism (aka Update 2.1), begins this Friday, 12/18, at 12pm EST. To summarize how it works:

New Burn Mechanics: “Persistent Burn” (Burn #1) 

You can burn any 5 Common cards (Heroes or Villains) to create 1 random Uncommon card. Similarly, you can burn 5 Uncommon cards to create 1 random Rare, 5 Rare cards to create 1 Epic, 5 Epic for 1 Legendary, and 5 Legendary for 1 Mythic. You can burn any combination of Series 2 (NOT Series 1!). There are no limits to the number of cards you can upgrade! As noted above, we will start this burn at 12:00 noon on Friday, December 18, exactly 72 hours after the start of the Series 2 sale.        

New Burn Mechanics: “Persistent Burn” (Burn #2) 

You can burn a FULL SET of 20 Heroes or 20 Villains of *any* rarity to create a NEW Collector’s Edition Common card. Importantly, these amazing new cards will be minted in order of creation. So, a full set of 20 Common cards will result in 1 Common CE, a set of 20 Uncommons will result in 1 Uncommon CE, a set of 20 Rares will produce 1 Rare CE, a set of 20 Epics will create 1 Epic CE, and 20 Legendaries will create 1 Legendary CE. Note that you will NOT be able to mix Heroes and Villains together to get to 20 cards. You must burn a full set of either 20 Heroes *OR* 20 Villains. 

Remember, you can ONLY burn First Strike (Series 2) cards! We plan to leave this mechanism open for the foreseeable future, which means that over time the circulating supply of First Strike NFTs should decrease gradually. Keep this in mind when deciding what to burn, because some cards may become scarce before you realize it! 

Race for Collector’s Editions

The official start for these Collector’s Edition cards from Burn #2 is next week, on Wednesday, December 23rd, 12 PM EST. Be there or be square! (or rectangular?)

Burn #3 – January 6th, 2021 

Remember, each Phase contains 3 Artifacts that can ONLY be found within packs from that particular Phase. There are only 100 of EACH Artifact in the set. Please note that the odds have been UPDATED, as follows:  

Phase 1 Odds: 2% (Hero), 6.6% (Titan), 10% (Gallery Crate)

*NEW* Phase 2 Odds: 4% (Hero), 13.2% (Titan), 20% (Gallery Crate)

Phase 3 Odds: 2% (Hero), 6.6% (Titan), 10% (Gallery Crate)

So you only have about 3 weeks from now to get your Artifacts in order!  

When doing Burn #3, you have a 90% chance of an Artifact of Ascension, and a 10% chance to get the Ultimate Reward, a chance to get your OWN Hero or Villain card in the Blockchain Heroes Megaverse. 

Hero or Villain NFT Card Drop

You may have noticed a newly dropped Blockchain Heroes card in your account that has both a Hero and Villain on it. This was our way of reminding you about the 10% chance that all Burn #3 participants have to get their OWN Hero or Villain card in the Blockchain Heroes Megaverse! The variants of these cards were dropped based on the overall value of the BCH cards in each account, with higher values getting the rarer variants. 

Wheel of Names & Community Pack Cracking Party

Tonight we opened some First Strike Titan Packs and a Gallery Crate to put on the Wheel, and then gave out the contents to everyone who opened packs during the Hero Report livestream.   

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you next week!