State of the Megaverse

The state of the megaverse is good. Currently 85.58% of all packs have been opened, with the Electric Genesis STILL hiding among the unopened Hero packs. There also a lot of Secret Smokes to be found across both the Hero and Titan packs. You can check out the full set of Blockchain Heroes releases and variants at the Blockchain Heroes Tools section of Atomic Hub:

Physical Deck Updates

Please claim your physical decks if you haven’t already! We are still shipping them out and want to get them all into the hands of their new owners! You can claim your physical decks at:     

New Partner!

Today we welcomed Aggroed from Splinterlands to the Hero Report. If you’re unfamiliar with Splinterlands, it’s one of the leading and most active trading cards game dapps in the NFT space. There are over 100,000 matches taking place every day! Check them out at As for our partnership with Splinterlands, today we revealed a new Splinterlands-inspired Hero: Hero of Beyond. Hero of Beyond is our own interpretation of a Splinterland hero. Check out the official reveal in the replay of the Hero Report on YouTube. We can’t reveal all the details yet, but we are trying to find some ways to integrate Hero of Beyond as a crossover Hero with the Splinterlands universe to bring value to all Hero of Beyond holders. We are also reaching out to the Splinterlands player base to invite them over to the Blockchain Heroes university, so get ready to welcome a lot of newcomers to our BCH family! You can register to receive your very own Hero of Beyond at:     


Stickers for DUST!

As founding members of the DUST project in Telegram, starting from last week we are releasing a new set of BCH Stickers that can be purchased with DUST! Today’s sticker was Stampede! You can pick yours up while they’re still available at Only 50 of these stickers will be minted, so act fast! (*UPDATE: They are now officially sold out!)   


First Strike Reveals

With the official First Strike release right around the corner, today we revealed ALL of the Heroes and Villains. First, the 20 Heroes!  

  • Disciple 
  • Array Zero
  • Scavenger 
  • Djinn
  • Calcularicus
  • Seraph
  • Stratagem 
  • Amp N’ Subwoofer
  • J-Wreck
  • Chaos Theory 
  • Alchemiss
  • Admiral Banks
  • Grand Auditor
  • Pvt. Keyes
  • Van Hodling 
  • Fang N’ Omen 
  • Mina Cheri
  • Sentinel-256
  • Captain Quantum 
  • Doc 


And now for the 20 Villains! 

  • Rez’ Phede
  • Richard Stahlschild 
  • Zero Down 
  • Sharkface 
  • Nathan Nyse
  • Jacob Riggs
  • Crashflow
  • Pennypinch
  • Bluelight Imp
  • ENN
  • Whisper 
  • Big Bad Bullion 
  • Lady Iris 
  • Crimson Queen 
  • Senator Silver 
  • Ocularia 
  • Encryptkeeper 
  • The Swarm
  • Fomobius 
  • P.O.A.N.Z


We also revealed some new Action variants of the original Series 1 Heroes: Repeat and Rowdy Rook. We are still working on the last Action card, Lady Lightning. 

We also released the Trophy variants of The Senator and Wyldwrangler. 

And, the #10 reveal, Renegade! 

Finally, we revealed the Hero Pack opening animation Great Moment NFT. 

First Strike Hero/Titan Pre-Mints

  • Common – 46,925 / 1,173 each
  • Uncommon – 12,500 / 312 each
  • Rare – 7,000 / 175 each 
  • Epic – 2250 / 56 each
  • Legendary – 1,200 / 30 each
  • Mythic – 125 / 3 each


Border Pre-Mints

  • Common – 31,597 / 197 each
  • Rare – 7,500 / 47 each
  • Legendary – 1,500 / 9 each 
  • Mythic – 375 / 2 each 


Classic Art Pre-Mints

  • 84 Heroes & Villains 
  • 14,028 Total Cards
  • 167 each 


Gallery Bonus % Drops 

  • 5% Chance of Trophy CE
  • 10% Chance of Artifact #3 


Hero Pack % Drops 

  • Card 1 – Uncommon (100%) 
  • Card 2 – 50% chance of being Rare 
  • Card 3 – 15% chance of Epic 
  • Card 4 – 6% chance of Legendary 
  • Card 5 – 1% chance of Mythic 


Hero Pack BONUS Drops 

  • 20% chance of Sticker Bonus 
  • 10% chance of Class Card
  • 0.5% chance of Secret Smoke
  • 0.7% chance of Video CE
  • 2% chance to get Artifact Piece #1 
  • 0.02% chance of 1/1 Disciple 


Titan Pack % Drops

  • 100% chance of Sticker Bonus 
  • 50% chance of Class Card 
  • 2.6% chance of Action CE
  • 1% chance of Secret Smoke 
  • 6.67% chance to get Artifact Piece #2
  • 0.066% chance of 1/1 Rez’Phede 


First Strike #1 Mints: 1,083 #1 Mints to Collect! (*All are in PHASE 1)

  • 20 Heroes x 8 Variations = 160 
  • 20 Villains x 8 Variations = 160 
  • 84 Classic Art = 84 
  • 40 Heroes x 16 Borders = 640 
  • 10 Class Card = 10 
  • 29 Collector’s Edition = 29 

PHASE 1 Sale: “Fans”

  • Limited # of Packs
  • Pre-minted from #1-?
  • Best odds for Collector’s Edition 
  • 1/1 Secret Cards EXCLUSIVE! 
  • Hero & Villain 1/1 EXCLUSIVE!

5-Card Hero Packs

+Bonus % Chance

Collector’s Edition Videos  

5,000 Total Packs (about 3,200 remain) @ $4.95 

Class Cards: 10% Chance  

Stickers: 20% Chance

Chance for 20 1/1 Secret Smokes (Heroes) and 20 1/1 Secret Psychotics (Villains) Guaranteed to drop in Phase 1 Packs!)

*Electric Disciple: 1/1 found *ONLY* in a Hero Pack!

30-Card Titan Packs 

+Bonus % Chance 

CE “Action” Variation

Titan Pack: 1,500 Total Packs (1,200 Titan Packs remain) @ $24.95  

Class Cards: 50% Chance  

Stickers: 100% 

Chance for 20 1/1 Secret Smokes (Heroes) and 20 1/1 Secret Psychotics (Villains) Guaranteed to drop in Phase 1 Packs!)

*Rhez-Phede Sinister Secret: 1/1 *ONLY* in a Titan Pack!

55-Card Gallery Crate

+Bonus % Chance

CE “Trophy” Variation

1,000 Crates Total (800 remain) @ $44.95 

Classic Art (BCH cards without nameplates) of 44 Series 1 Heroes & all 40 Series 2 Heroes and Villains 

Classic Art + Mega-Collecting = Borders! 

Today we revealed some new Hero borders, such as Sanctuary, Gun Metal, Clockwork, Fortified, Rebellion, and Fireworks, and more of the Villain borders, such as Dirty Fiat, Corruption, Gothic, Collapse, Citadel, Big Brother, Swarmlings, Bombing Run, Device, and Machination. 

We also revealed the (moving!) Mythic borders of Oligarch, Domination, Blockchain, and Data Cascade. 

 PHASE 2 Sale: “Friends” 

  • 24-Hour Sale 
  • Unlimited # of Packs
  • *Mints pick up where Phase 1 ended
  • CE Odds are a Bit Lower
  • Designed for Gifting + ? 
  • Mission: Gifting Packs to Friends and Family! 

As we announced previously, you can send packs to anyone with an email, with easy instructions provided to the recipients. Our goal is to onboard 5,000 people to the BCH and WAX ecosystem. To make this as easy as possible, we are doing PRICE DROPS for these Phase 2 packs to $3.95 for Hero Packs, $23.95 for Titan Packs, and $42.95 for a Gallery Crate. 

PHASE 3 Sale: “Fun” 

  • Help New Collectors get started! 
  • Open Sale 
  • CE Odds are a Bit Lower
  • Designed for New Collectors + ? 

New Burn Mechanics: “Persistent Burn” (Part 1) 

You can burn any 5 Common cards (Heroes or Villains) to create 1 random Uncommon card. Similarly, you can burn 5 Uncommon cards to create 1 random Rare, 5 Rare cards to create 1 Epic, 5 Epic for 1 Legendary, and 5 Legendary for 1 Mythic. This should give you an idea of just how rare each rarity level will become. As for the burning mechanism, you can burn any combination of Series 2 (NOT Series 1!) Heroes or Villains, the new randomly upgraded card will be the next mint after the pre-mint set (see the earlier Phase sections for mint info), and there are no limits to the number of cards you can upgrade! In this way, we hope to keep the minting mechanics “new” throughout the lifetime of the set, with new mintings of higher tiered variations happening gradually over time. We will start this burn at 12:00 noon on Friday, December 18, exactly 72 hours after the start of the Series 2 sale.        

New Burn Mechanics: “Persistent Burn” (Part 2) 

You can burn a FULL SET of 20 Heroes or 20 Villains of *any* rarity to create a NEW Collector’s Edition Common card. Importantly, these amazing new cards will be minted in order of creation. So, a full set of 20 Common cards will result in 1 Common CE, a set of 20 Uncommons will result in 1 Uncommon CE, a set of 20 Rares will produce 1 Rare CE, a set of 20 Epics will create 1 Epic CE, and 20 Legendaries will create 1 Legendary CE. Note that you will NOT be able to mix Heroes and Villains together to get to 20 cards. You must burn a full set of either 20 Heroes *OR* 20 Villains. 

New Reveals!

Tonight we revealed all 10 of the new Collector’s Edition cards, listed below. Check out the Hero Report replay to see them. Remember these are ONLY available through the burn mechanism outlined above! 

  • 20 Common = 1 Common Sentinel-256 (Hero) CE or Whisper (Villain) CE 
  • 20 Uncommon = 1 Uncommon Mina Cheri (Hero) CE or Encryptkeeper (Villain) CE 
  • 20 Rare = 1 Rare Admiral Banks (Hero) CE or Lady Iris (Villain) CE
  • 20 Epic = 1 Epic Grand Auditor (Hero) CE or Nathan Nyse (Villain) CE  
  • 20 Legendary = 1 Legendary Disciple (Hero) CE or Rez’Phede (Villain) CE 

More on Artifacts… 

As we mentioned last week, we are introducing 9 new Artifacts, which can only be required as follows. During Phase 1, Artifact #1 will ONLY drop from a Hero Pack, Artifact #2 will ONLY drop from a Titan Pack, and Artifact #3 will ONLY drop from a Gallery Crate. Similarly, during Phase 2, Artifact #4 will ONLY drop from a Hero Pack, Artifact #5 will ONLY drop from a Titan Pack, and Artifact #6 will ONLY drop from a Gallery Crate. And in Phase 3, as you can probably predict by now, Artifact #7 will ONLY drop from a Hero Pack, Artifact #8 will ONLY drop from a Titan Pack, and Artifact #9 will ONLY drop from a Gallery Crate. Hero Packs will have a 2% drop rate, Titan Packs a 6.6% drop rate, and Gallery Crates a 10% drop rate. There will only be 100 of EACH Artifact minted! And if you are determined and enough to collect a complete set, you can opt to burn a complete set of Artifacts using our special burn tool for a 90% chance to get an Ascended 1/1 Artifact, and… a 10% chance to get the ULTIMATE Reward:

***A 10% Chance to Get Your OWN Hero or Villain Card!***     

Final Stats of the Advanced Enchanting Dust Forge Event 

  • 192 Participants 
  • 91.29% Dust Burned 
  • 1,743 Rare Heroes Burned 
    • Most Burned – The Wizard (61)
    • Least Burned – The Chairman (22) 
  • 513 New Enchanted Heroes Created 
    • Most Created – Genesis (23) 
    • Least Created – Axiom, Rook, Mage (5) <–Most Rare! 

Everyone who participated should have already received an “Advanced Enchanting” badge in their WAX account. Check out the Hero Report replay video to see what the Top 10 winners and Random prizes were! 

Founders Cards Promotion

Don’t forget to sign up for the 5 Exclusive Founders Cards promotion at You can check out the initial details about this promotion in last week’s Hero Report summary. (Pssst! If you’re looking for the *cough* Secret Code, input: auditthefed (But don’t spread it around!).

NFT Drop Giveaway!

Free Hero of Beyond Sticker drop for all who participated in the Hero Report livestream! Thanks for joining us! 

Coming Soon…

12/15 – First Strike Arrives!!!

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you next week!