Bad Crypto Podcast – The Hero Report #23 Summary (December 3, 2020) 

State of the Megaverse

As of today, 85.23% of all packs have been opened, with EXACTLY 2,000 (80%) of Titan Packs having been opened. The Electric Genesis is STILL out there among the Hero packs, along with 11 Secret Smokes spread across both the Hero and Titan packs. You can check out the full set of Blockchain Heroes releases and variants at the Blockchain Heroes Tools section of Atomic Hub:

Physical Deck Updates

Please claim your physical decks if you haven’t already! We are still shipping them out and want to get them all into the hands of their new owners! You can claim your physical decks at:     

New Partner!

Today we were pleased to welcome Jonathan Mariott from Electroneum, a project that has been around since 2017 with the aim of introducing cryptocurrency into the hands of the masses. Their project has been steadily growing, and now you can even get paid in Electroneum (ETN) on sites like The Blockchain Heroes team is currently an advisor for Electroneum, and they plan to work toward bridging the Electroneum and WAX ecosystems. To this end, we are releasing a brand new Electroneum-inspired Blockchain Hero: Electroman! As the story goes, Electroman was sent to Earth to help connect people around the world. Check out the replay of the live Hero Report to see the great artwork for this card and all its variants. Note that the Mythic card is a little more unique than the other Mythic variants that you’re familiar with. To commemorate this new partnership, you can register for a new limited edition Electroman NFT at the following website: You can check out and follow Jonathan at his Twitter account: @jjmarriott.       

Stickers for DUST! 

Some of you may be familiar with the DUST token that started on Telegram and is mined from simply being active in DUST-enabled Telegram groups. As founding members of the DUST project, we are releasing a new set of BCH Stickers that can be purchased with DUST! We tested this out with a Bitcoin Bro sticker recently, and now we are releasing the next sticker: Mr. Wick! You can pick yours up while they’re still available at Only 50 of these stickers will be minted, so act fast!  

First Strike Reveals 

Our first reveal this week was Doc, a Hero who we are not sure is the person he claims to be, or an impersonator, but who nonetheless has proven his skills as a doctor and has the lofty goal of “curing the tyranny of man.” He fires his mysterious concoctions right out of his gun, which is quite a sight to see! The second reveal was The Swarm, a Villain of the Scam Beasts class, who tries to devour anything and everything it manages to get its mouth around, though its ultimate goal is obtaining information, such as the data found inside electronic devices. The Swarm is able to multiply by successfully attacking at least 51% of its hosts and gaining control over them. We also revealed new Collector’s Edition cards for The Creatrix and Dynamic Defiant. As for the new Trophy Collector’s Edition, we revealed the Silver Scientist Trophy and The Wizard Trophy. We also revealed a surprise this week: unbeknownst to the rest of the BCH crew, Joel has secretly been working on a very awesome way to introduce the BCH universe into augmented reality! Check out the replay of the Hero Report on YouTube for a sneak peek! And don’t forget our new Collector’s Edition variation, “Great Moments.” Today we unveiled the “Forge” Great Moment NFT, and we will be releasing at least 5 more going forward. Stay tuned next week for another one! 

Series 2 First Strike Pack Sales Plan

The packs will be sold in 3 Phases, 1) Fans, 2) Friends, and 3) Fun! Here’s the rundown of all the main details for each Phase. Note the different details for the Hero, Titan, and Crate packs for each Phase.   

PHASE 1: “Fans”

  • Limited # of Packs
  • Pre-minted from #1-?
  • Best odds for Collector’s Edition 
  • 1/1 Secret Cards EXCLUSIVE 
  • Hero & Villain 1/1 EXCLUSIVE

5-Card Hero Packs

+Bonus % Chance

Collector’s Edition Videos  

5,000 Total Packs (about 3,200 remain) @ $4.95 

Class Cards: 10% Chance  

Stickers: 20% Chance

Chance for Secret Smokes (20 Heroes & 20 Villains, all 1/1 Guaranteed to drop in Phase 1 Packs!)

Electric Disciple: 1/1 found *ONLY* in a Hero Pack!

30-Card Titan Packs 

+Bonus % Chance 

CE “Action” Variation

Titan Pack: 1,500 Total Packs (1,200 Titan Packs remain) @ $24.95  

Class Cards: 50% Chance  

Stickers: 100% 

Rhez-Phede Sinister Secret: 1/1 *ONLY* in a Titan Pack!

55-Card Gallery Crate

+Bonus % Chance

CE “Trophy” Variation

1,000 Crates Total (800 remain) @ $44.95 

Classic Art (BCH cards without nameplates) of 44 Series 1 Heroes & all 40 Series 2 Heroes and Villains 

Classic Art + Mega-Collecting = Borders! 

Yes, we are introducing 16 unique Borders for Every Hero and Villain! (4 Common, 4 Rare, 4 Legendary, and 4 Mythic borders). The new Borders include designs such as “Bombing Run,” “Photo Film,” Clockwork,” “Gunmetal,” “Big Brother,” and “Collapse.” And what makes these even more special is that the Mythic variants will truly be next-level, as they will be MOVING borders! These have been designed by one of our favorite professional artists, Aurelien Pumayana Floret (aka “Pumayana”), who we featured on a recent Nifty Show episode. Check out the Hero Report replay on YouTube to see these awesome new Border designs!

PHASE 2: “Friends” 

  • 24-Hour Sale 
  • Unlimited # of Packs
  • *Mints pick up where Phase 1 ended
  • CE Odds are a Bit Lower
  • Designed for Gifting + ? 
  • Mission: Friends! That is, Gifting Packs! 

As we announced in a previous Hero Report, we are releasing a new website for easily gifting packs to your friends and family. You can send packs to anyone with an email, with easy instructions provided to the recipients. Remember, our goal is to onboard 5,000 people to the BCH and WAX ecosystem. In order to do this, we need each of YOU, the early adopters of Series 1, to send packs to at least 10 friends or family members! To make this as easy as possible, we are lowering the prices for these Phase 2 packs to $3.95 for Hero Packs, $23.95 for Titan Packs, and $42.95 for a Gallery Crate. 

PHASE 3: “Fun” 

  • Solves New Collector Problem (i.e., helping New Collectors get started!) 
  • Open Sale 
  • CE Odds are a Bit Lower
  • Designed for New Collectors + ? 

Series 1 Card Burns (So Far…)

Those of you who have been with us since Series 1 know how much we enjoy doing special card burning events. To recap, with Update 1.1 we burned 20,000 cards, with Update 1.4 we burned 15,000 cards, and with Update 1.6 we burned 2,000 cards, which means we started with 125,000 cards and finished with around 88,000 cards still in circulation. Now for the good news. For Series 2, we are introducing a new Burn Mechanism that we call “Persistent Burn.” This means that each rarity can “ascend” to a higher rarity level through burning a specific number or combination of lower level cards. Moreover, you can burn entire collections of rarities to achieve even rarer NFTs! Read on for more details!  

New Burn Mechanics (Part 1) 

You can burn any 5 Common cards (Heroes or Villains) to create 1 random Uncommon card. Similarly, you can burn 5 Uncommon cards to create 1 random Rare, 5 Rare cards to create 1 Epic, 5 Epic for 1 Legendary, and 5 Legendary for 1 Mythic. This should give you an idea of just how rare each rarity level will become. As for the burning mechanism, you can burn any combination of Series 2 (NOT Series 1!) Heroes or Villains, the new randomly upgraded card will be the next mint after the pre-mint set (see the earlier Phase sections for mint info), and there are no limits to the number of cards you can upgrade! In this way, we hope to keep the minting mechanics “new” throughout the lifetime of the set, with new mintings of higher tiered variations happening gradually over time.      

New Burn Mechanics (Part 2) 

You can burn a FULL SET of 20 Heroes or 20 Villains of *any* rarity to create a NEW Collector’s Edition Common card. Importantly, these amazing new cards will be minted in order of creation. So, a full set of 20 Common cards will result in 1 Common CE, a set of 20 Uncommons will result in 1 Uncommon CE, a set of 20 Rares will produce 1 Rare CE, a set of 20 Epics will create 1 Epic CE, and 20 Legendaries will create 1 Legendary CE. To clarify, you will NOT be able to mix Heroes and Villains together to get to 20 cards. You must burn a full set of either 20 Heroes *OR* 20 Villains. These Collector’s Edition cards are entirely new, so be on the lookout for reveals during future Hero Reports! 

Introducing Artifacts! 

And if you thought there’s already too much to wrap your head around for this First Strike release, wait, there’s more! We are newly introducing 9 new Artifacts, which can only be required as follows. During Phase 1, Artifact #1 will ONLY drop from a Hero Pack, Artifact #2 will only drop from a Titan Pack, and Artifact #3 will only drop from a Gallery Crate. Similarly, during Phase 2, Artifact #4 will only drop from a Hero Pack, Artifact #5 will only drop from a Titan Pack, and Artifact #6 will only drop from a Gallery Crate. And in Phase 3, as you can probably predict by now, Artifact #7 will only drop from a Hero Pack, Artifact #8 will only drop from a Titan Pack, and Artifact #9 will only drop from a Gallery Crate. That means you will never find an Artifact #4 in a Phase 1 pack, or an Artifact #1 in a Phase 3 pack, etc. As for the drop rates, Hero Packs will have a 2% drop rate, Titan Packs a 6.6% drop rate, and Gallery Crates a 10% drop rate. Finally, there is one more thing to be aware of for these new Artifacts: there will only be 100 of EACH Artifact minted! This means that there will only be 100 complete sets of Artifacts ever minted. And what if you are able to collect a complete set, you ask? Well, it turns out that you can also burn a complete set of Artifacts using our special burn tool for a 90% chance to get an Ascended 1/1 Artifact, and… a 10% chance to get the ULTIMATE Reward:

***A 10% Chance to Get Your OWN Hero or Villain Card in the Blockchain Heroes Megaverse!***     

Today we revealed the first 3 Artifacts (Artifact of Greed, Artifact of Wrath, and Artifact of Noise) and the first Ascended Artifact, which you can see on the Hero Report replay!

Advanced Enchanting Update

As of today, more than 87% of the DUST has been burned! Don’t forget to burn your DUST if you have any in your wallet, because we do NOT have plans for any other uses of DUST. Remember there is a Leaderboard as well as randomized prizes for all who participate. Even if you just do one burn, you will receive an entry for it. Remember that you have until Wednesday, December 9th, at 12pm EST, to complete your DUST burns! Let’s keep up the burnin’! 

Nifty Box Memberships!

There are still some Nifty Box memberships available for those who still want to snag one. Head over to to see what’s still available.  

Founders Cards Promotion

Don’t forget to sign up for the 5 Exclusive Founders Cards promotion at You can check out the initial details about this promotion in last week’s Hero Report summary. We will also be offering more details during next week’s Hero Report.   

Nifty Show – What’s Happening Friday? 

This week we will be holding a Live Auction during the Nifty Show on Friday, December 4, at 2PM PST / 5PM EST for the Mythic Freedom cards that we introduced last week. We will also be speaking with Alex from Rarible, and Michael from Alien Worlds during the show, so don’t miss it!  

NFT Drop Giveaway!

Today’s free drop was the new Electroman Sticker, which we dropped to all participants in today’s live Hero Report for free! Be sure to tune every week for the free NFT drops! 

Coming Soon…

12/9 – New Partner Card!

12/15 – First Strike Arrives!

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you next week!