The Hero Report #22 Summary (November 25, 2020)

State of the Megaverse
We have officially passed the 85% open rate, which means Blockchain Heroes is the most consumed NFT set of all WAX NFT releases! Also, the Blockchain Heroes Tools section of Atomic Hub ( has been updated with all the new releases we’ve been minting (and forging!) lately, such as the Enchanted, Badges, and Bonus NFTs, etc. The Electric Genesis is STILL out there among the Hero packs, along with 11 Secret Smokes spread across both the Hero and Titan packs, so maybe consider cracking some packs this Thanksgiving!

Physical Deck Updates
We have shipped out most of the physical decks, but please be sure to claim your deck as soon as possible if you have not done so already. You can claim your physical decks at:

Special Guest
Today Steve Wand, a co-founder of, visited the Hero Report to discuss their projects as well as their release of some new “unlockable” NFTs created to help bring awareness to the ongoing case of Ross Ulbricht. Steve and his team have created a physical Ross Ulbricht bar, available for $150, which is the first physical bar that has been funded with NFTs. A total of 500 have been minted, with about 120 spoken for so far by collectors. Purchasers can redeem the physical bar using the unique code attached to each one. You can find out more at their website: You can also support Ross by visiting to add your name to the petition calling for a lighter prison sentence, as well as donate to his defense fund. Steve was kind enough to donate 5 Free Ross bars to the BCH team, and we plan to offer them to our community soon, possibly related to our upcoming Freedom Mythic auctions, so stay tuned for more details!

To do our part to support Ross Ulbricht, we are pleased to announce the new “Freedom” Blockchain Hero card to commemorate him in spirit. This card is a unique addition to the BCH universe because the back includes actual biographical information about Ross. We are releasing the Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, all of which are dropping to Nifty Box membership holders. In addition, we released the Legendary variations live during the Hero Report. A total of 40 Legendary variants were available for $15 each (maximum of 2 per person) at They may or may not still be available by the time you read this… We are donating the full amount of $600 in sales to Ross’s fund at But wait, there’s more! We have also minted a Mythic variant to be distributed in a different manner… TBD. And for those sticker fans out there, we are also releasing a Freedom sticker. Keep reading below to find out how we released it!

First Strike Reveals

We are happy to announce that we now have eight artists working on First Strike. As for new characters, today we revealed the new Hero Mina Cheri, a connoisseur of the fine arts in all of their forms, and the new Villain EncryptKeeper, a formidable foe who seeks out the unsuspecting to turn them into zombies, in the Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic variants. We also revealed two new Collector’s Edition cards, Jester and Data Avenger, and the 3D Trophy CE versions of Stampede and, as promised last week, …Genesis!

In addition, this week we are proud to announce the release of a BRAND NEW Collectors Edition variation, “Great Moments” (tentative), which we are releasing to commemorate the amazing events and other moments we have all enjoyed as participants in the BCH universe. Today we revealed “The Vortex” Great Moment NFT, and we will be releasing at least 6 more going forward. Stay tuned next week for yet another reveal!

Today we also revealed the new First Strike packaging designs, for both the 5-card Hero packs, featuring Disciple on the cover, and the 30-card Titan packs, featuring EncryptKeeper on the cover. The 5-card Hero packs will also include a bonus % chance to get a CE Video card, while the Titan packs will include a bonus % chance to get a CE
Action card. These bonus cards will also include some new surprises that we have not mentioned yet. But wait, there’s more! For First Strike, we will also be offering a new THIRD type of pack, the “Gallery Crate.” These packs, er, crates, will include a whopping 55 cards (!) as well as a bonus % chance for a unique CE Trophy NFT that cannot be found in any other pack type! We will be releasing more details about these exciting new Gallery Crates next week!

Founders Cards Promotion
Don’t forget to sign up for the 5 Exclusive Founders Cards promotion at You can check out the initial details about this promotion in last week’s Hero Report summary. We will also be offering more details during next week’s Hero Report.

Advanced Enchanting Update – Update 1.6
As of today, more than 85.5% of the DUST has been burned! Don’t forget to burn your DUST if you have any in your wallet, because we do NOT have plans for any other uses of DUST. Remember there is a Leaderboard as well as randomized prizes for all who participate. Even if you just do one burn, you will receive an entry for it. Remember that you have until Wednesday, December 9th, at 12pm EST, to complete your DUST burns!
NFT Drop Giveaway!

Today’s free drop was the new Freedom sticker, which we dropped to all participants in today’s live Hero Report for free! Be sure to tune every week for the free NFT drops!
Nifty Show – What’s Happening Friday?

This week there is no Nifty Show due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but we will be back next Friday at 2PM PST / 5PM EST!

Coming Soon…
12/15 – First Strike Arrives!