Bad Crypto Podcast – The Hero Report #21 Summary (November 18, 2020)

Flowtron Legendary Sale!
This past week we minted and distributed most of the Flowtron Heroes, but tonight we offered 25 Legendary variants during the live Hero Report show. Any that were not sold during the show were made available for purchase on the market. If available, you can find them at

State of the Megaverse
As of last night we were up to 84.29% of all packs opened. We are also pleased to report that The Wizard Secret Smoke dropped this week from a Hero Pack! The Electric Genesis is still out there among the Hero packs, along with 11 Secret Smokes spread across both the Hero and Titan packs, so I don’t think much more needs to be said: Crack those packs!

Physical Deck Updates
We have shipped out approximately one half of all physical decks. If you have not claimed yours yet, please claim it as soon as possible. You can claim your physical decks at: Remember, if you have multiple physical decks to redeem, include them all in a SINGLE form submission. This will make it easier for us to process your order, as well as ship out everything in a single package. We are covering the first $7.50 in shipping to your address, but you will need to make up any difference over that amount.

First Strike Reveals
We are now less than a month away from the official First Strike 2.0 release on December 15. We are very excited about this release, and we hope you are too!

As we introduced last week, we have a goal of onboarding at least 5,000 new people to the WAX NFT universe through the upcoming First Strike release. Through our new portal, we are enabling you to “gift” unopened NFT packs to whoever you want! All you need is their email address for them to receive the gift. Check out last week’s Hero Report for more details about this exciting new opportunity. We will also be releasing a press release describing this system in more detail.

As for new reveals, today we officially revealed the Hero “Disciple,” who is none other than the disciple of the one-and-only Satoshi Nakamoto, and the Villian “Crashflow,” who we have learned has a history with Nathan Nyse, who we revealed last week. Today we revealed the Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic variants. Also, don’t forget that we have revealed the first cards of the “Action” Collector’s Edition variants of the Blockchain Heroes, with the reveal of Sooth ‘N Sayer. This week we revealed the Magic Man version of this special Collector’s Edition. We plan to release a total of 8 such “Action” Collector’s Edition cards. But wait, there’s more! Today we revealed a brand new Collector’s Edition variation: Trophy! These are a completely new variation that takes the BCH universe into the realm of 3D. We highly recommend you check out the livestream replay to see these amazing new variants. *Spoiler: We will be revealing the Genesis CE Trophy edition next week!

Founders Card Promotion
We want you to help us spread the word about the new First Strike release and the BCH universe overall, and to help promote this effort, we are releasing 5 exclusive “Heroes vs. Villains” (aka “Rivalry”) Founders Cards that you, the fans, can receive by completing specific tasks to help spread the word! You can get started at the following link: Thanks to all the fans who participate! We can’t wait to get these new Founders Cards into your wallets!

Advanced Enchanting – Update 1.6
Today we officially launched the Enchanting Forge, as described last week. To briefly recap, you are now able to combine any Rare variant of a BCH Series 1 card with some DUST to create a card of the new “Enchanted” Rarity, which is not quite as rare as a Mythic, but much rarer than a Legendary. We will be burning up to 2,500 Rare Series 1 variants combined with DUST to create a maximum of 500 Enchanted cards, which is an average of 10 Enchanted variants per Hero. As for the value of DUST, each DUST variant will provide the following probability of successfully transforming a Rare variant into its corresponding Enchanted variant.

Rare + Rainbow DUST = 24% chance (of creating an Enchanted variant)
Rare + Purple DUST = 21% chance
Rare + Blue DUST = 17% chance
Rare + Green DUST = 14% chance
Rare + Red DUST = 11% chance
Rare + Pink DUST = 5% chance

Once all burns have been completed, we expect the total remaining card supply to be as follows:
Mythic: 225 (approx. 4-5/Hero)
Legendary: 2,100 (42/Hero)
Epic: 4,000 (80/Hero)
Rare: 10,000 (200/Hero)
Uncommon: 17,500 (350/Hero)
Common: 53,675 (1,075/Hero)

To help make things fun and competitive, we have also introduced a Leaderboard, with the Top 10 burners receiving prizes. So regardless of whether you succeed or fail at producing an Enchanted variant, you will still receive points for every burn you perform. Note that we have REVISED the number of points you will get for each burn: 1 point for burning Pink DUST, 3 points for burning Red DUST, 5 points for burning Green DUST, 7 points for burning Blue DUST, 9 points for burning Purple DUST, and 12 points for burning Rainbow DUST. The more burns you perform, the more points you will accumulate. We will also be awarding some prizes at random, so as long as you’ve done at least one burn, then you’ll be eligible to win a random prize, even if you don’t make it onto the Leaderboard. The list of prizes are as follows:

Leaderboard Top 10 Prizes:
Dustweaver Secret Smoke
Philosopher Secret Smoke
Flowtron Secret Smoke
Philosopher Golden #1
Flowtron Golden #1
Flowtron Mythic #1-#3 (3 total)
Philosopher Legendary (2 total)

Random Prizes:
Flowtron Mythic #4
Philosopher Golden #2
Flowtron Golden #2
Philosopher Legendary (6 total)
Collector Epic (5 total)

The Enchanted Forge event lasts for 3 weeks, ending on Wednesday, December 9th, at 12pm EST.

Nifty Box Drops Incoming!
We are happy to announce that we have already made 16 drops this month! And this week we are dropping the new Bitcoin Bro variant NFTs, which are super colorful and dynamic. We also want to thank the one and only Mr. Kenn Bosak for stopping by the live steam today! You can still get your very own Nifty Box at

NFT Drop Giveaway
Today we dropped a free Enchanted Forge NFT to all participants in the live Hero Report today. Everyone should have received one in their wallets by now.

Nifty Show – What’s Happening Friday?
This week on the Nifty Show, we will be interviewing Aggroed from Splinterlands. Join us at 2PM PST / 5PM EST!

Coming Soon…
11/25 – New Hero Drop!
12/15 – First Strike Arrives!

Community Openings & Forge
Thanks to everyone who stuck around for our pack cracking and forging party and the return of the Wheel of DU$T!
Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you next week!