The Hero Report #20 Summary (November 11, 2020)

State of the Megaverse
In the past week we printed 40 Philosopher BCH NFTs, and distributed 30 of them to wallets, so be sure to check and see if you are one of the lucky recipients. As for pack openings, we are approaching an 85% open rate of packs, at 83.97% of all BCH packs opened. The Electric Genesis is still out there among the Hero packs, along with Secret Smokes spread across both the Hero and Titan packs, so you know what to do. It’s time to start cracking more packs!

Physical Deck Updates
We have shipped out 350 physical decks so far, and we are eager to get the rest of them out the door and into your hands! You can claim your physical decks at: Remember, if you have multiple physical decks to redeem, include them all in a SINGLE form submission. This will make it easier for us to process your order, as well as ship out everything in a single package. We will cover the first $7.50 in shipping to your address, but you will need to make up any difference over that amount.

DC + BCH = Heroes Fight Club!
As we previewed last week, you can now use your Blockchain Heroes alongside the Dark Country Heroes cards to pit them against other players in a head-to-head tournament style format. You choose your attack and defence modes (parts of the body), and your Heroes will have fluctuating levels of Life and Energy, depending on how well you play. Not only is the game just a lot of fun, but it represents an entirely new frontier of gameplay ACROSS different NFT projects on the WAX blockchain. How nifty is that? It has some pretty awesome sound effects as well. Keep in mind that as you continue playing, your wins and losses will be recorded, therefore adding to your overall rating (ranking) for tournaments. You can check it out now at: Are your Heroes ready?

First Strike Reveals – Pack Sale Details
Blockchain Heroes 2.0 is officially known as First Strike, and it will be released on December 15, 2020. This will be the first major release since the release of BCH 1.0 in August. This past week we revealed some new Heroes in Telegram: Scavenger (Hero), Calcularicus (Hero), Chaos Theory (Hero), and Nathan Nyse (Villain). Join the Telegram to be the first to see future reveals. (Hint: The next reveal will be Captain Quantum!) But wait, there’s one more thing! We also revealed a brand new variant today! It’s called Collector’s Edition: “Action,” and it features a longer animation than what you’ve seen thus far in other NFT series (such as GPK). Today we revealed the Action variant of Sooth ‘N Sayer. Check out the livestream replay to see it in action!

Our Solution to Current Problems in the NFT Space
While we plan the release of Blockchain Heroes 2.0, a.k.a. First Strike, on December 15, we have been brainstorming how to deal with some of the current issues in the WAX NFT space, such as various technical issues, the lack of fiat gateways, and the fact that it’s just plain difficult to get WAX. It’s clear to us that more collectors are needed. So we have set a goal of onboarding 5,000 people to the new First Strike series. In addition, we have recently gained the ability to pre-mint NFTs to help alleviate the problem of buyers crashing product releases to get all the early mint numbers as soon as the sales go live. The first step is to randomly insert the early mints among the first 5,000 packs. The second step is to incentivize the community to GIFT PACKS to others. (Yep, you got it, in the Christmas spirit!). Ideally, we would like everyone to be able to gift packs to people who have not yet been introduced to NFTs. To make this as easy as possible, we have set up a new portal that will allow you to gift a new pack of Blockchain Heroes to literally anyone with an email address, like friends and family! In fact, soon you’ll be able to gift any NFT you want to someone using this simple method. Check the livestream replay to see what the interface will look like. We are very excited to offer this to the community.

New Promo Card Partner!
We are pleased to announce our new Promo Card Partner: Dapper Labs! Who’s that, you say? Dapper Labs is none other than the creators of CryptoKitties. They have created a new Special Edition character called “Flowtron,” which is currently only available on the Ethereum blockchain. However, through our new partnership, we are proud to announce the release of the new Flowtron Blockchain Hero! It comes in all the wonderful variations that you’re familiar with. Check the livestream replay for details. The variants, their total mints, and release location are as follows:
Common (1000) – All Nifty Boxes
Uncommon (300) – All Nifty Boxes
Rare (200) – Nifty Box King
Epic (100) – Nifty Box King
Legendary (40) – For Sale on Atomic Hub
Mythic (4) – ? (TBD)
Golden (2) – ? (TBD)
Stickers (100) – ? (TBD)

Update 1.6 Coming Next Week: Enchanted Rarities!
Remember back at Update 1.1, The Vortex, we burned 20,00 Common BCH cards, which resulted in 5 new Legendary Arcane cards. Then, in the most recent update, The Forge, we burned 10,000 Common and 5,000 Uncommon cards. (Psst! There are still some opportunities left!). But we were all left wondering, what are we to do with all this DUST? Well, we finally have an answer from Silver Scientist! He has discovered that DUST can be used to produce “enhancements” to BCH cards. Specifically, you will now be able to combine any Rare variant of a BCH Series 1 card with some DUST for the possibility to create… (drumroll please) … the new “Enchanted” Rarity, which is not quite as rare as a Mythic, but much rarer than a Legendary. We will be burning up to 2,500 Rare Series 1 variants combined with DUST to create a maximum of 500 Enchanted cards, which is an average of 10 Enchanted variants per Hero. As for the value of DUST, each DUST variant will provide the following probability (odds) of successfully transforming a Rare variant into its corresponding Enchanted variant.
Rare + Rainbow DUST = 24% chance (of creating an Enchanted variant)
Rare + Purple DUST = 21% chance
Rare + Blue DUST = 17% chance
Rare + Green DUST = 14% chance
Rare + Red DUST = 11% chance
Rare + Pink DUST = 5% chance

No matter what, your DUST will be burned in any attempt. However, you have a 70% chance of getting your RARE card returned in a failed attempt to enchant. If your enchant succeeds, you will burn both DUST AND RARE card.

Once all burns have been completed, we expect the total remaining card supply to be as follows:
Mythic: 225 (approx. 4-5/Hero)
Legendary: 2,100 (42/Hero)
Epic: 4,000 (80/Hero)
Rare: 10,000 (200/Hero)
Uncommon: 17,500 (350/Hero)
Common: 53,675 (1,075/Hero)

To help make the burn process a bit more fun and competitive, we are introducing a Leaderboard, with the Top 10 burners receiving prizes. So regardless of whether you succeed or fail at producing an Enchanted variant, you will still receive points for every burn you perform. You will get 1 point for burning Pink DUST, 3 points for burning Red DUST, 5 points for burning Green DUST, 7 points for burning Green DUST, 9 points for burning Purple DUST, and 12 points for burning Rainbow DUST. The more burns you perform, the more points you will accumulate. We will also be awarding some prizes at random, so as long as you’ve done at least one burn, then you’ll be eligible to win a random prize, even if you don’t make it onto the Leaderboard. The list of prizes are as follows:
Leaderboard Top 10 Prizes:
Dustweaver Secret Smoke
Philosopher Secret Smoke
Flowtron Secret Smoke
Philosopher Golden #1
Flowtron Golden #1
Flowtron Mythic #1-#3 (3 total)
Philosopher Legendary (2 total)

Random Prizes:
Flowtron Mythic #4
Philosopher Golden #2
Flowtron Golden #2
Philosopher Legendary (6 total)
Collector Epic (5 total)

This event starts next Wednesday, November 18th, at 12pm EST, and ends 3 weeks later on Wednesday, December 9th, at 12pm EST.

The Nifty Box – November Subscriptions
The November Nifty Box memberships are available NOW! Both the full King and Star Nifty Box memberships are still available, as well as the monthly ones. We made over 25 drops in October, and we have been averaging ONE DROP PER DAY since entering November! Get yours today at

NFT Drop Giveaway
Today’s free NFT drop was a new Flowtron Sticker! Each person who attended the livestream and submitted their WAX address received one! Congrats to all who attended! We plan to continue these giveaways at every Hero Report going forward, so mark your calendars if you haven’t already!

Nifty Show – What’s Happening Friday?
Please join us this Friday for the Nifty Show. We will be talking with Fred Chesnas of Atari and Zach Burks of Mintable. But that’s not all! We’re also super excited to talk with Aurelian Floret (a.k.a. Pumayana), an artist who has until now released his artwork NFTs only on Ethereum. But on Friday he will be releasing his work on WAX (via AtomicHub) for the first time, with the following variants and rarities: Common (x/44), Rare (x/22), and Super Rare (x/11). All three variants will go on sale Friday during the Nifty Show, for $20, $40, and $80, respectively.

Coming Soon…
11/18 – Update 1.6 LIVE
11/25 – New Hero Drop!
12/15 – First Strike Arrives!

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you next week!