The Hero Report #19 Summary (November 4, 2020) – Meeting minutes by OhMyCoins

State of the Megaverse
We are inching closer to an 85% open rate of packs, with a current rate of 83.61% of all BCH packs opened. The Electric Genesis is still out there among the Hero packs, along with Secret Smokes spread across both the Hero and Titan packs, so let’s keep cracking packs!

Physical Deck Updates
Many of you have ALREADY received your physical BCH decks! Yay! Thanks to everyone who has been patient with the production process. You can claim your physical decks at: We are excited to get these out to everyone as soon as possible. Remember, if you have multiple physical decks to redeem, please include the total number of decks in a SINGLE form submission. This will make things easier for us to send you a claim link through AtomicHub, as well as ship out your order in a single package. We will cover the first $7.50 in shipping to your address, but you will need to make up any difference over that amount. Note that you will have only NINETY (90) DAYS to claim the NFTs that are included with each physical deck.

Dark Country + Blockchain Heroes = ?
We are pleased to announce that one of the other awesome NFT projects on the block, Dark Country, is releasing a new feature in collaboration with Blockchain Heroes. They have recently released a new “mini game” in which you can pit Dark Country Heroes against each other in battle. Currently you can only play for fun, but in the very near future players will be able to compete with each other in tournaments. So where does BCH come into play? Well, we are pleased to announce that you will soon be able to use your Blockchain Heroes cards in the game as well! Just imagine putting The Wizard BCH up to battle against a DC Gunslinger! Check out the live stream replay for screenshots of the gameplay. You can check it out now in test format at: It should be released for official gameplay very soon! Get your Heroes ready!

The Forge
As of last night, there were still a number of Common/Common (549) and Common/Uncommon (718) Forge opportunities available. As for the very mysterious material known only as DUST, we have been told that Silver Scientist will be available to provide us with more details about DUST at next week’s Hero Report, so be on the lookout!

First Strike Reveal
As we announced last week, Blockchain Heroes 2.0 is officially known as First Strike, and it will be released on December 15, 2020! This will be the first major release since the release of BCH 1.0 back in August. First Strike will be a completely new set of cards, featuring 20 new Heroes and 20 new Villains, divided into 5 Classes for each side. The Heroes will be divided into Blasters, Strikers, Tanks, Tricksters, and Supports, while the Villains will be divided into The Empire, Cash Mongers, Ticker Types, Scam Beasts, and Doomsayers. One other point of departure from the original 1.0 set is that we will have fewer Heroes inspired by real people, but a few more Heroes inspired by the actual people behind the creation and development of the BCH Universe. In fact, today we can officially reveal TWO new Blockchain Heroes and their variants from this new First Strike set: Amp N’ Subwoofer (Hero) and E.N.N. (Villain). Check out the livestream replay for images and variants. We think you’ll love the new “Street Art” and “Negasketch” variants as well as the new nameplate style on the Uncommon variants.

Update 1.5 – The Refugee
We are pleased to unveil our Update 1.5, The Refugee. You may be familiar with another recent NFT project called “Chibis Global.” In fact, the BCH team purchased a number of the Chibis NFTs. However, the project seems to have been paused for the time being, with many people left wondering what is going on. So, we are pleased to announce our effort to reach out and connect the Chibis and BCH universes. We are releasing a new Blockchain Hero called “Philosopher,” which is based on one of the Chibis NFTs. Philosopher is the first “refugee” into the BCH Megaverse, and we welcome him with open arms. Check out the artwork and variants on the livestream replay. So, how does one get a Philospher? If you are a Nifty Box member OR have any of the original Chibis NFTs in your wallet, you will receive a Common variant (x/500). Then, all Nifty Box members will receive an Uncommon variant (x/300), all Nifty Box King members will receive a Rare variant (x/200), and all Chibi’s Passholders will receive an Epic variant (x/100). Then, there will be 40 Legendary variants, 36 of which will go on sale soon (date and time TBD) on AtomicHub, and 4 Mythic variants to be auctioned off next week! We also have not decided what to do with the Golden (x/2) variants. As for the Stickers, all Chibi’s Passholders will also receive a Sticker variant (x/100).

The Nifty Box – November Subscriptions
The November memberships are available NOW! Both the full King and Star Nifty Box memberships are available, as well as the monthly ones. We made over 25 drops in October, and we have at least 15 drops planned for November so far. Get yours today at

NFT Drop Giveaway
We offered yet another free NFT drop from the new First Strike BCH 2.0 series to all who were present in today’s livestream. Each person received one of two variations of the new First Strike Amp N’ Subwoofer or E.N.N. Congrats to all who attended! We plan to continue these giveaways at every Hero Report going forward, so mark your calendars if you haven’t already!

Coming Soon…
11/11 – Major Partner release!
11/18 – Update 1.6 LIVE
11/25 – New Hero Drop!
12/15 – First Strike Arrives!

Community Openings & Forge
Thanks to everyone who stuck around for our pack cracking and forging party and the return of the Wheel of DU$T!

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you next week!