The Hero Report #18 Summary (October 28, 2020)

State of the Megaverse
We have now crossed the threshold of 83.35% of all BCH packs being opened, which is the highest open rate of any collectible set currently on the market. Amazingly, the Electric Genesis is still out there among the Hero packs, and there are still 12 Secret Smokes hiding among the unopened Hero and Titan packs.

Physical Deck Updates
The physical decks HAVE ARRIVED! As we showed you live during the Hero Report, the physical decks are double-sealed, such that you must open the sealed plastic case first. Once you open the plastic case, you will find the QR code and the deck of cards, which is also sealed. This means that you can open the outer case to access the QR code while still keeping the actual card deck in unopened, pristine condition. Once you receive your deck, you can go to to claim the NFTs that come with your physical deck. (Note: This link will take you to a form to fill out on Be sure you enter ALL the required information in the form. Also, if you have multiple physical decks to redeem, please include the total number of decks in a SINGLE form submission. This will make things easier for us to send you a claim link through AtomicHub, as well as ship out your order in a single package. Remember, we will cover the first $7.50 in shipping to your address, but you will need to make up any difference over that amount. Please remember that you will have only NINETY (90) DAYS to claim the NFTs that are included with each physical deck.

The Nifty Box – November Subscriptions
To date, we have made 16 drops for Kings and 14 drops for Stars, and we plan to have approximately one drop per day for the rest of the month of October. The drops so far include Epic & Legendary Battle Forge BCH NFTs, exclusive GoPepe stickers, an Alien Worlds promo pack, October 2020 non-transferable NFT, The Collector BCH NFT, Michael Blu’s original music video, Dingleberry NFTs, Upland Comics drop, exclusive CryptomonKeys NFT, Joel Comm animated motion painting NFT, Bitcoin Origins card, Bitcoin Origins sticker, the TokenHead drop, Classic Collectibles drop, NiftyCards drop, Upland Uncovered Fan Art, Finally Aligned Podcast #5, Travel Posters, Monster Letters, and the Crypto King Halloween NFTs. Some of these went to all boxes, and some just went to King or Star boxes. There are still some full memberships left, and if you purchase one to start from November, we will refund you 1/15 (one month’s worth) of the total price. There are also single-month memberships still available for November. The prices for these are $99 for a King Nifty Box and $49 for a Star Nifty Box. Get yours at

The Forge
As of last night, there were still a few hundred Common/Common and Common/Uncommon Forge opportunities available. The Uncommon/Uncommon Forge opportunities were all used up very quickly. As for the Dustweavers that have been forged so far, there are 1256 Commons, 407 Uncommons, 246 Rares, 71 Epics, 28 Legendaries, and 2 Mythics. As for DUST, so far there have been 1759 Pink, 959 Red, 585 Green, 302 Blue, 170 Purple, and 109 Rainbow variations forged. The big mystery that remains is, what exactly is this DUST stuff anyway? For now we know that Silver Scientist is currently working on solving this mystery, and we also have learned that the Heroes Association is currently in recruitment mode just for this purpose… hmm. Oh, and one more thing! There is also a 1/1 Secret Smoke DustWeaver, which we have not decided how to distribute yet. We want to hear any ideas you may have, and we’ll announce the result in the near future. So stay tuned! Meanwhile, if you want to see if there are still any Forge opportunities left, you can check via this link to Atomic Hub:

BIG Announcement!
Now for what you’ve all been waiting for, the BIG Announcement! (drumroll…) It’s official! Blockchain Heroes 2.0, a.k.a. First Strike, is coming on December 15, 2020! This will be the first major release since the release of BCH 1.0 back in August. First Strike will be a completely new set of cards, featuring both new Heroes and Villains. For this 2.0 series, we will be having an innovative pack sale, which will be revealed soon. The set includes new surprise variations, created by our team of 5 original artists and 2 new artists. This set will also be divided up a little bit differently compared to Series 1. Instead of “Classes,” we will be using a new set of categories: The Empire (representing government overreach), Cash Mongers (fiat purists), Ticker Types (stock market and cash-based speculation), Scam Beasts (creatures that prey on the innocent), and Doomsayers (trolls and FUDsters). All of this and more will be revealed in the coming weeks!

New Character: “Rez’Phede”
We are proud to introduce a new character to the BCH Universe called Rez’Phede, one of the first Blockchain Villains from BCH 2.0. Check out the artwork on the replay of the Hero Report livestream.
Free NFT Drop!

We offered a free NFT drop for the new First Strike BCH 2.0 series to all who are present in today’s livestream. Each person received one of two variations. Congrats to all who attended! We plan to continue these giveaways at every Hero Report going forward, so mark your calendars if you haven’t already!

Coming Soon…
11/4 – Update 1.5
11/11 – Major Partner release!
11/18 – Update 1.6 LIVE
11/25 – New Hero Drop!
12/15 – First Strike Arrives!

Community Openings and Forge

Thanks to everyone who stuck around for our pack cracking and forging party! And thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you next week!