Blockchain Heroes – The Hero Report #17 Summary (October 21, 2020)

State of the Megaverse

We have now crossed the threshold of 83% of all BCH packs being opened, and 84% of all Hero packs. This leaves less than 1500 Hero packs and less than 600 Titan packs unopened, and one of those Hero packs contains the Electric Genesis! There are still 12 Secret Smokes hiding somewhere among these unopened Hero and Titan packs as well. Let’s get cracking!

The Nifty Box

We hope all Nifty Box owners are enjoying all the NFT drops for the month of October, which are still ongoing. The November single-month memberships will be available very soon. The prices will be $99 for a King Nifty Box and $49 for a Star Nifty Box. More details to come soon!

Deck Updates

As we announced last week, the physical decks are almost here! Once they’ve all arrived from the printer and have been sorted, the BCH team will add the QR codes to the packs, and they will be sent out to everyone who has purchased one. More details on how to claim will be coming VERY soon!

The Forge

As we described last week, today we launched The Forge, where you can burn your Common and Uncommon BCH cards to receive a variant of the newest BCH card, the DustWeaver, or a big heap of DUST, which is a new mysterious material in the BCH universe. In total, there will be 35,000 BCH cards burned. Here’s a recap of the details regarding the card burns: There are three different card burns using The Forge: 1) Common + Common burn (4,000 total opportunities), 2) Common + Uncommon (2,000 total opportunities), or 3) Uncommon + Uncommon (1,500 total opportunities). This will result in a total burn of 10,000 Common cards and 5,000 Uncommon cards. Based on the card pair combination that you burn, you will have the opportunity to receive a new DustWeaver card or some DUST, depending on what the Random Number Generator chooses to give you. These new DUST crystals come in a variety of rarities: Rainbow Mythic, Purple Legendary, Blue Epic, Green Rare, Red Uncommon, and Pink Common. Currently we only know the rarities of these Dust crystals, but their other differences and uses shall be revealed in the near future! When performing a card burn at The Forge, the three different card pair burn combinations will have the following result possibilities:

Common + Common Pair Burn = 30% for DustWeaver Card, 70% for Dust
Common + Uncommon Pair Burn = 36% for DustWeaver Card, 64% for Dust
Uncommon + Uncommon Pair Burn = 42% for DustWeaver Card, 58% for Dust
As for the DustWeaver variant cards, today we were pleased to announce the addition of 2 Golden Fury variants, which we auctioned off to the two highest bidders during the Hero Report livestream. We also minted DustWeaver Stickers to give to all the participants in the livestream. We expect to mint around 80 DustWeaver Stickers, though that number may increase depending on how The Forge ends. But wait, there’s more! We will also be minting a Secret Smoke variant of the DustWeaver, but we have not announced the details of how it will be released into the wild.
If you haven’t tried The Forge yet, or you’d like to try burning a few more cards while you still can, you can get there via this link to Atomic Hub:

BIG Announcement Coming Next Week!
Be on the lookout for a BIG announcement coming during the next Hero Report on October 28th! Hint: It’s related to furthering our goal of mainstream adoption.

Update 1.5 Coming in Two Weeks!
We will have another big announcement in two weeks, related to the next iteration (Update 1.5) in the BCH universe. Be on the lookout!

Physical Deck Sample Card Auctions for Charity on eBay!
You may remember seeing some of the sample cards for the physical cards during previous Hero Reports. These sample cards have now been put up for auction on eBay, with the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. There are a total of 45 listings of sample cards, some listed as Buy It Now (BIN) and some listed as Auctions. You can find all the listings at the americancancersociety eBay account.