State of the Megaverse
There are currently 82.61% of all packs opened, with 83.78% of all Hero packs opened, leaving only 1622 unopened Hero packs, one of which contains the Electric Genesis! There are also 12 Smokes still out in the wild hiding among the unopened Hero and Titan packs. It’s also worth noting that it’s a good time to pick up some packs, with Hero packs available for under $20 and Titan packs available for about $45. So if you’re planning to open more packs in search of the elusive Electric Genesis or Secret Smokes, now is the time to snag a few!

Upland Comics Giveaway
Upland Comics is partnering with Blockchain Heroes to bring you the BCH Mega Collection Giveaway. You can enter simply by sending any NFT from the Official Hero collection to the WAX address “upcogiveaway.’ This will get your address added to the Wheel of Names, and the winner of the spin will win ALL of the NFTs contained in the account! You can find out more details at: (h/t to community member recourier!) Also note that all NiFTy Box owners will be receiving an Upland Comics special promotional NFT dropped into their boxes very soon!

Deck Updates
The decks have been printed, and they are almost here! All 200 pounds (15 boxes) of them! Once they’ve all arrived from the printer and have been sorted, the BCH team will add the QR codes to the packs, and then they will be sent out to everyone who has purchased one. Remember the decks will be sealed, with a QR code inside, and you can only receive the NFTs included with each deck by breaking the seal and scanning the enclosed QR code. Be on the lookout for more details on how to claim your physical decks!

Physical Deck Sample Card Auctions for Charity!
You may remember seeing some of the sample cards for the physical cards during previous Hero Reports. These sample cards have now been put up for auction on eBay, with the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. There are a total of 45 listings of sample cards, some listed as Buy It Now (BIN) and some listed as Auctions. You can find all the listings at the americancancersociety eBay account.

Update 1.4 Coming!
There’s a new Hero on the block! This week we are pleased to introduce the new DustWeaver Blockchain Hero. DustWeaver realized that “Dust,” a material indigenous to his own world, can be used for a variety of purposes in the BCH world. However, these purposes of Dust still remain unclear. So the task before us is to figure out what exactly we can do with Dust. This is what we know currently, as stated on the back of the DustWeaver BCH card: “When combined with the power of Blockchain, Dust becomes a valuable material with theoretically endless use cases – and an incredibly easy-to-acquire material, at that!” If you want to find out more about the original Dust (DU$T) token, check out the official Telegram group at:

As for DustWeaver, we are releasing the Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic variants. Now for the really fun part! Next week we plan to release “The Forge,” which will allow us to perform various card burns. We will begin with three different card burns using The Forge: 1) Common + Common burn (4,000 total opportunities), 2) Common + Uncommon (2,000 total opportunities), or 3) Uncommon + Uncommon (1,500 total opportunities). This will result in a total burn of 10,000 Common cards and 5,000 Uncommon cards. Based on the card pair combination that you burn, you will have the opportunity to receive a new DustWeaver card or… something else! The something else is none other than new Dust variation NFTs! These are completely new NFTs that are different from the DU$T that you can receive from the official Telegram group. These new Dust crystals come in a variety of rarities: Rainbow Mythic, Purple Legendary, Blue Epic, Green Rare, Red Uncommon, and Pink Common. Currently we only know the rarities of these Dust crystals, but their other differences shall be revealed in the near future! When performing a card burn at The Forge, the three different card pair burn combinations will have the following result possibilities:

Common + Common Pair Burn = 30% for DustWeaver Card, 70% for Dust
Common + Uncommon Pair Burn = 36% for DustWeaver Card, 64% for Dust
Uncommon + Uncommon Pair Burn = 42% for DustWeaver Card, 58% for Dust

The Nifty Box – New Hero Variation for November
All Nifty Box owners should have already received a number of NFTs into their boxes. The memberships have been selling briskly, and the feedback so far has been amazing! There are still some King and Star memberships available, so pick up one for yourself or as a gift while you still can! They can be found at:

We are also pleased to announce THREE NEW variations of a Hero, which will be dropped to Nifty Box owners in November. Star boxes will receive the “Rainbro” variation of Bitcoin Bro (mint of 250), while King boxes will receive the new “Far Out” variation of Bitcoin Bro (mint of 100). But that’s not all! There is one more variation, the “Whoa Bro!,” with a mint of only 25, which will be randomly dropped to 25 boxes across all King and Star boxes. So be on the lookout!

Nifty Shopping Network Announcement
This Friday (10/16/20), we will be having our second Nifty Shopping Network episode during The Nifty Show (5pm EST). We will be showcasing the latest NFT release from mBlu of Uplift Art, called “You’re the One,” a 3-minute music video NFT. There will only be 21 of these minted. We will also be introducing the latest work from Max Cryptohead, called “21 Heads” (, which features 21 pioneers of the crypto world. Until now, Max Cryptohead’s work was only available on ETH, but we are now offering his NFTs for the first time on WAX! There will be two different styles of artwork available: rotating 3D cubes in three different designs (six different Cryptoheads, Brock Pierce, and Satoshi Nakamoto), and a 2D version of the Brock Pierce Cryptohead. Join us for the Nifty Shopping Network on Friday!

BIG Announcement Coming!
Be on the lookout for a BIG announcement coming on October 28th! Hint: It’s related to furthering our goal of mainstream adoption…

Finally Aligned Podcast – Episode #4 Released
The latest episode (#4) of Finally Aligned, “How WAX Became King,” takes a look at all the new NFT projects that have been released on the WAX blockchain so far. Check it out on Atomic Hub!

Pack Giveaway!
All live Hero Report participants submitted their addresses for a chance to win a Hero pack. Congratulations to the lucky winner!

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you again next week!