Bad Crypto Podcast – The Hero Report #15 Summary (September 30, 2020)
Note by community member Oh My Coins

WAX Advisory Council
We are happy to announce our official inclusion in the WAX Advisory Council ( We are ecstatic to have a seat (two seats?) at the table in the rapidly evolving WAX NFT space.

New Badge Update: “The Collector”
The production of awesome badges continues this week with our new badge, “The Collector,” which was sent to all recipients of any variant of The Collector following the complete set snapshot.

Where is Electric Genesis?
There are only 1,687 Hero packs and 570 Titan packs that remain unopened, for a pack opened rate of about 82% overall. More importantly, the Electric Genesis still has not been found! The odds of getting it increase with every pack opening! Let’s get ripping!

Deck Updates
The physical Hero and Titan decks have been printed! We are now waiting patiently on the shipping to get sorted out, with an ETA anywhere between tomorrow to two weeks. As for the bonus “Classic” cards, the 6 Heroes are Genesis, Coin Commando, Magic Man, Renegade, Ginger Girl, and The Senator. Each Hero physical deck will receive 2 of these cards, randomly distributed throughout the decks. For the “Active” bonus cards, the Heroes are Cypherfunk, Captain Crypto, Jester, Dynamic Defiant, Overseer, Mr. Wick, Rocketman, Rock Fierce, The Emissary, Supernova, The Prophet, and The Wizard. Each Titan physical deck will include 5 of these cards, randomly distributed. *NOTE: Owners of Hero and Titan decks will have 90 days to redeem them, so please don’t wait too long to redeem your bonus cards if you plan to do so. Remember, all bonus cards are randomized, meaning you could get high mints or low mints, and you could also get multiples of the same card.

The Nifty Box
The first official drops to boxes will happen tomorrow, October 1st. The first Hero Variation will be the Battleforged Epic (for Star NFT Boxes) and Battleforged Legendary (for King NFT Boxes) variations for the Genesis, Renegade, and Coin Commando Heroes. Also, we have now enabled purchase through PayPal for those who would like to purchase with USD or another currency instead of WAX. Wait, there’s more! We are also offering a special, 24-hour opportunity to purchase a one-month membership for October! The October Star NFT Box is $49, and the October King NFT Box is $99. These are available while supplies last at:

Hero Pack Giveaway!
All live Hero Report participants submitted their addresses for a chance to win a Hero pack. Congratulations to the lucky winner!

Pack Cracking Party!
Today we opened up the stream for pack openings of Blochchain Heroes, Splinterlands, Dark Country, and KOGs. These live pack rips were all rewarded with a spin of the wheel to win up to 10,000 bonus DUST tokens!

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you again next week!