The Hero Report #14 Summary (September 23, 2020)

New Badge: Update 1.1 “Vortex” Badge

If you were a participant in the Update 1.1 “Vortex” event, you received a non-transferable “Vortex” badge. Look forward to a similar Update 1.2 “Alpha Trinity” badge coming soon to wallets near you!

“The Collector” Card Sale

Everyone who participated in the complete set challenge by the time of last week’s snapshot received a limited edition The Collector card in their wallet. During tonight’s Hero Report, we sold the remainder of all minted The Collector NFTS, for total mints of: 500 Common, 180 Uncommon, 120 Rare, 40 Epic, 20 Legendary, and 50 Sticker variants. Those that did not sell out during today’s show will be available for a few more hours, with any remainder hitting the market (Atomic Hub) from tomorrow at the current selling price.

Where is Electric Genesis?

There are only 1,716 packs left unopened, for a pack opened rate of about 82%, and the Electric Genesis still has not been found. Sounds like we could use some pack cracking parties!

Deck Updates

The physical Hero and Titan decks are now being printed! There will be 6 of the “Classic” cards to be mixed (randomized) for the Hero decks, which can only be revealed and claimed by physically opening the packs and scanning the enclosed QR code. For the Titan decks, there will be 12 “Action” cards, with 5 of them randomized similar to the way they are randomized in the Hero decks. As we noted last week, further details regarding redemption of the decks will be announced soon. Shipping will be included up to $7.50 USD.

Community Survey

We want to know who you think we should use for inspiration for the next series of Blockchain Heroes! If you have any suggestions, please go to the following link to submit your entries: Please include the reason why you think this particular person deserves to be enshrined as a Blockchain Hero. Try to be as specific and as detailed as possible. Multiple entries are encouraged!

Brightstroke Artist Sketch Auction

This week’s artist sketch auction was the fourth in our weekly auction series. It was for “Brightstroke,” and as always 50% of the final bid amount is given to the sketch artist. The winning bid was for 5,500 WAX. Congratulations to the winner!

HUGE Announcement for Next Week!

Calling all NFT Fans! We are pleased to present to you with: The Nifty Box! This is an exclusive membership program, with the memberships designated by a NFT held in your wallet. Members will receive monthly NFTs delivered directly to their wallets, and we’re talking along the lines of dozens and dozens of rare drops! Moreover, these memberships are transferable, so you can sell, trade, or just simply transfer your membership at any time. There are two levels of membership. The Nifty Boxes will include monthly NEW Blockchain Heroes drops, Blockchain Heroes packs when new series are released, and partner drops. Members can expect exclusive drops to happen WEEKLY, not just once a month. Wait there’s more! Members will also receive original rare artwork pieces from the many amazing artists who are now releasing their work as NFTs, …AND there will also be random prize drops of more exclusive, lower total mint NFTs that can’t be distributed to all members. Members will also automatically receive the Bad Crypto Podcast and Nifty Show NFTs. There will also be BONUS physical products to be released! The first of these physical products is none other than the much desired Genesis T-Shirt!

There will be two levels of membership:

NFT King Level (Approx. $1,000/year):
5 Hero packs for new sets
Monthly new hero variations x 3
Art Drops – VESA, mBlu, etc.
Every Bad Crypto & Nifty Show NFT
2 Limited Edition T-Shirts
Random drops
Ability to purchase exclusive items
Backed with 250 WAX & more!

NFT Hero Level (Approx. $400/year):
2 Hero packs for sets
Monthly new hero variations x 2
Every Bad Crypt & Nifty Show NFT
1 Limited Edition T-Shirt
Random drops
Ability to purchase exclusive items
Backed with 100 WAX & more!

The initial Nifty Box memberships will go on sale at a discounted rate of 15 months for the price of 12. They will be available for purchase from next week, with memberships beginning from October, and lasting for 15 months, until 12/31/21. This works out to about $65/month for a NFT King membership and about #32/month for a NFT Hero membership. *NOTE: There will ONLY 100 NFT King and 250 NFT Hero memberships available! These will be sold on Atomic Hub starting next Tuesday, September 29, from 12:00pm EST. Check out the details here:

Titan Pack Giveaway!

During today’s Hero Report we gave away a free Titan Pack to a lucky viewer.
Pack Cracking Party!

Today’s live pack rips were rewarded with up to 10,000 bonus DUST tokens! Perhaps today’s DUST was magic, but today’s rips were rocking! There were amazing pulls from every pack, but … Electric Genesis did not appear! It was great seeing all the new faces join the live stream today, and we hope to see you again next week!

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you again next week!