Bad Crypto Podcast – The Hero Report #13 Summary (September 16, 2020)

Special Guest: Vesa

Vesa is none other than the inspiration behind Brightstroke. He describes the new blockchain space for art as a new “highway,” whereas the traditional artworld space is more like “running in mud.” The integration of blockchain and art is proving to be very transformative. For his new work, “The Shield,” which features Batman, Superman, and our own Genesis and was one of the first ever works released exclusively on The Nifty Shopping Network, Vesa was partly inspired by the great comic book artist Jose Delbo, in particular because the DC Universe seemed like a good match with Genesis. At a deeper level, the art illustrates how Bitcoin is like a “shield” to protect us from all the problems that plague the modern world monetary system. Many thanks to Vesa for joining us today!

New Badge

We have minted a new, non-transferable “Origin Badge” to everybody who purchased at least one Hero Pack or Titan Pack during the initial sale of 12,500 packs. We are now working on our next badge, the “Vortex Badge,” which we will send to everyone who participated in Update 1.1 by sending at least 100 cards into the Vortex to receive a Legendary Arcane NFT. The badges are designed by Alex, who was also featured last week on The Nifty Shopping Network.

Finally Aligned Podcast: NEW Episode #3 released on 9/15/20

Episode #3 of Finally Aligned analyzes the creative process behind the design of a Blockchain Hero. How does the team go about designing a new character to convey originality, depth, and motion? The episode takes a deep dive into the X-Change Blockchain Hero, as this is one of host Zack’s favorite Heroes. The podcast is now available on more traditional formats such as iTunes and Spotify if you do not want to purchase the NFT episodes, but of course we encourage all of our listeners to check out the NFT version, because that’s what we’re all about! There’s also a special bonus of unique NFTs for those who have been enjoying the NFT version of Finally Aligned from the beginning!

State of the Megaverse

Where in the world is Electric Genesis? It still has not been found! There are 81.08% of all packs opened, with 1772 Hero packs and 593 Titan packs left unopened, one of which contains Electric Genesis! As for the Secret “Smoke” cards, as of this report there are still 13 Smoke 1/1 cards hiding among those unopened packs!

Deck Updates

The physical Hero and Titan decks have been finalized and are now officially in production. The process for redemption of the packs will be announced soon, so stay tuned! Shipping will be included up to $7.50 USD. As for the new NFTs that will be included with the physical packs, they will only be accessible by OPENING the packs. This is to help prevent the NFTs from being sold separately from the decks as “new.” Each Hero deck will include 2 random bonus “Classic” NFTs, which feature the original artwork (without any text) on which the Series 1 NFTs were based. Each Titan deck will include 5 random bonus “Action” NFTs, which are based on the Uncommon card designs, but show them in motion! These bonus NFTs will be randomly distributed to owners who scan the QR codes that are included inside the physical decks.

Update 1.2: Alpha Trinity

During today’s Hero Report, we gave out the Metalik #1 and Genesis #3 Arcane Mythic NFTs for the 80%-81% pack openings. Congratulations to the winners! Update 1.2 Alpha Trinity is now complete. Thanks to all who participated!

The Wizard Artist Sketch Auction

This week’s artist sketch auction, the third in our weekly auction series, was for “The Wizard” Artist Sketch #1, with 50% of the final bid going to the artist. The winning bid was for 10,400 WAX, exceeding the previous record of 10,000 WAX for the Bitcoin Bro Artist Sketch. Congratulations to the winner! Next week’s auction will be for the Brightstroke Artist Sketch, so get your WAX ready!

Update 1.3: Collections

If you attended the live Hero Report last week, you will remember we were all assigned a task by Genesis, whereby a snapshot would be taken of all WAX accounts currently holding BCH cards, and those with complete “Collections” of any variant at the time of the snapshot would later receive a new NFT as a reward. Then, today, at the time of the snapshot, a new message was received at BCH Headquarters from… The Collector! Now who is The Collector, you may ask? As it turns out, the message we received last week was NOT from Genesis, but from The Collector, who appears to be none other than a heretofore unknown “Blockchain Villain.” It remains to be seen who and what these Blockchain Villains are, but stay tuned to the Hero Report to find out! The Collector wields a net launcher, powered by the blockchain (of course!), to collect everyone’s BCH card collections.

Here’s the transcript from The Collector’s monologue…

My Dear Extra-dimensional Benefactors,

I must begin by thanking all of you for your cooperation. Apologies for the deception – it was critical that you believed us to share our goals . Actually, I’d like to think that we share one goal in common: The safety and security of an incapable and sheeplike public.

You see, you so-called advocates for freedom and privacy overestimate people. You wish mass adoption of a force the power of which would see every last average Joe scammed into poverty while a small number of hackers collect their winnings for capitalizing on ignorance. I’m not going to stand idly by and watch as you attempt to push your regressive ideas onto my fellow citizens.

Fear not. I have gained great power from the collections you have completed, and I intend to use that power to raise a proper resistance against the little insurrection the “Blockchain Heroes” have developed… and, as a man of my word, I intend to fulfill my own promise to you. Your own brand-new tokens on your precious Blockchain. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve used my own likeness to commemorate this milestone in the history of Centralizer benevolence.

Genesis is never coming back, and the Blockchain Heroes will fall as has every noisy little activist group prior. If you wish to cast your lot in with them, you will be next. Farewell for now, my puppets!

As for the collections officially recorded in today’s snapshot, there were 198 qualifying unique wallet addresses, resulting in 198 Common, 93 Uncommon, 60 Rare, 16 Epic, 5 Legendary, and 14 Sticker variants of The Collector card to be distributed to the qualifying wallets. These new variants were shown during today’s Hero Report: Common, Rare (Graffiti), Epic (Negative), Legendary, and Sticker. The drop of these new NFTs will be tomorrow (Thursday, 9/17/20). For those that were unable to complete a set, or if you just want another opportunity to get one of these special NFTs, we will be having a special sale during next week’s Hero Report to give everyone an opportunity to purchase them.

Pack-Cracking Party!

Today’s live pack rips were rewarded with bonus BCH cards! It was great seeing all the new faces join the live stream to open their packs. Thanks to all who participated!

PSA: Joel & Travis Appearing on Dark Country Tomorrow! (Thursday, 9/17/20)

Join Joel and Travis tomorrow from 4pm UTC as they join a Dark Country unpacking party. Here are the details:

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you again next week!