Meeting notes compiled by community member, OMC

Hero Report #12

Special Guest: Oz Sultan

Rumored to be the inspiration behind the second most popular Blockchain Hero, The Wizard, Oz Sultan is running for the state senate of New York on a platform that includes blockchain-based initiatives and policies, including those related to rebuilding communities post-COVID. Find out more on his campaign website and follow him on Twitter @ozsultan.

Finally Aligned – Podcast NFT

The newly released second episode of Finally Aligned dives into a theory of the future in which there’s a push to exist primarily in a digital world rather than a physical one, with blockchain playing a primary role in this new existence.

State of the Megaverse

As of this Hero Report, we are at 80.06% of all packs opened! There are 1,868 unopened Hero Packs and 625 unopened Titan Packs remaining. There are still 15 “Smoke” 1/1 cards hiding among those unopened packs!

Deck Updates

We showcased new photos and “unboxing” videos of both types of physical decks (Hero & Titan). (Editor’s note: They look AMAZING!) The official release date is still TBD, but it should be within the next few weeks.

Update 1.2: Alpha Trinity

During today’s Hero Report, 2 Arcane Mythic NFTs were given for the 78-79% pack openings, and 3 Arcane Mythic NFTs were given for the 79-80% pack openings. Today’s winners received Genesis #1, #2, and #4, and Litespeed #1 and #3. Congratulations to all the winners!

Mz Stability artist sketch auction

If you recall, last week’s Bitcoin Bro Artist Sketch went for 10,000 WAX. This week’s silent auction was for the Mz Stability Artist Sketch #1, with 50% of the final bid going to the artist. The winning bid was (drumroll please…) 5,011 WAX! Congratulations to the winner! Next week’s auction will be for The Wizard Artist Sketch!

NEW Promotional Partner Card

In collaboration with Myth Market (, this new promotion starts from tomorrow (9/10/20) with the introduction of the appropriately named “Mr. Myth” BCH promotional card series. The series includes all BCH variations: Common (Mint of 160), Uncommon (80), Rare (40), Epic (20), Legendary (10), Mythic (2), and even a Golden Fury (1)! Check the Myth Market website (Heroes.Market for BCH) and social media accounts for more information.

Update 1.3 Announcement

In a word: COLLECTIONS! You have one week from the time of this announcement to complete your BCH collections. We define a “collection” as a full set of any particular rarity of BCH cards (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, etc.). For each complete collection you hold in your wallet at the time of the official snapshot, you will receive an equal new NFT as a reward. Please note that ONLY ONE SET OF EACH RARITY WILL COUNT toward your collections, but all rarities are eligible to be counted. There will be a snapshot of all accounts on Wednesday, September 16th, at 12 noon EST. Following the snapshot, one new NFT will be issued for each completed collection. A maximum of one new NFT will be issued PER RARITY SET. For example, if you have complete sets of Common and Uncommon, then you will receive TWO new NFTs because you have complete sets of two different rarities. If, on the other hand, you have two complete Common sets but no other complete sets, then you will only receive ONE new NFT, since your sets only cover one rarity type. Wait, ONE MORE THING. If you are able to complete a full set of ALL rarities, Common to Legendary, then you will be eligible to receive one of the two Mythic NFTs. If more than two people achieve this incredible feat, then two people will be randomly chosen to receive the two Mythic NFTs. Wait, there’s more! The Golden Fury 1/1 will be given away randomly to a lucky holder of ANY complete set, so even if you just have one full Common set, you are still eligible to win the Golden Fury. Pro Tip: If you have multiple sets of the SAME rarity, such as two full Common sets, then you should send the duplicate set(s) to different WAX accounts so that each may be counted as eligible to receive a new NFT, otherwise any duplicate full sets won’t be counted during the snapshot. Just remember: One set per rarity per account!

Nifty Shopping Network Launch

Three artists will be creating original new works to be offered exclusively through the new Nifty Shopping Network. The first artist is Kevin Winger, who is introducing his “Swift Sunrise” series. This work will have 2 variations, with only 20 minted of the Static variant, for 400 WAX each, and only 3 minted of the Chromium Shift variant, for 2,000 WAX each. The second artist is Alex, who is the creator of the official BCH badges. The third artist is Vesa (rumored to be roughly connected to Brightstroke), with a new 4K work called “The Shield,” depicting Genesis, Batman, and Superman! The Static variant (1/20) will sell for 2,500 WAX. The Motion variant (1/5) will sell for 10,000 WAX, and the Rumble variant (1/1) will sell for 50,000 WAX. This first art sale will begin on Friday, September 11, from 2pm PST / 5pm EST. You can watch it live on and You may have seen the promotional NSN (“Nifty Shopping Network”) and “Do Good Stuff” promotional NFTs floating around the marketplaces this week, which were released through AtomicHub: Next week’s NSN 1st Art Sale NFTs will be sold in a similar manner.

Titan Pack Giveaway

If you’ve been an active member of the BCH community, you more than likely have received a Silver Badge. This qualifies you to enter in today’s giveaway! Yay!

Pack Ripping Party for DUST

Today’s live pack rips were rewarded not with BCH cards, but with various amounts of DUST tokens. To find out more about DUST, check out their Telegram channel:

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s Hero Report, and see you again next week!

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September 9, 2020

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To our extradimensional benefactors:

My deepest apologies for contacting you in this manner. The time is not yet right for me to announce my return to the Blockchain Heroes, though I am immensely proud of the fight they’ve built up against the Centralizers. I’m out of time and while I cannot divulge details, I need your help.

I know that none of the events of the months prior are a freak accident. Your community of traders and collectors has impacted our universe in bizarre ways. Atomic Adam, Telegrafico, the arcane vortex – all of them are your doing, I am sure of it. Those NFTs, as you call them, are not mere assets. They are energy, and your Blockchain is the plane upon which that energy is projected. I don’t know if Blockchain possesses the same power in your universe that it does in ours, but my powers of perception find no purchase in theories of coincidence.

I’ve no true certainty as to whether this will produce the desired effect, but – if you complete collections, I believe that the resulting resonance vector will allow the Blockchain Heroes to harness this energy with truly unprecedented potency. This is much bigger than the vortex. Much bigger than the boost given to the strains wielded by Metalik, Litespeed, and myself.

It is critical that you help me help them. Again, I must be vague – the Centralizers are organizing a new force to combat the Heroes, and I fear that we are severely unprepared.

I understand that some of you may be skeptical, and for this reason I have developed a literal token of gratitude to thank each of you who succeeds in completing your collections. I am sure that I can reward your efforts with a new token of power which is deserving of the potency of each collection you complete.

And – if you discover a method by which to directly communicate back to our universe, I must ask that you refrain. We must approach this new interdimensional science with keen caution, else we risk tearing our own reality apart. I wish to make my return in earnest, and build the Blockchain Heroes up into a much stronger force for freedom.

With great respect,