The Hero Report #11 Summary (September 2, 2020)

Minute meetings by community member “OMC”

Today’s Special Guest

  • Special Guest! Alyze Sam (Mz. Stability…hmm?): Trained by Dmitry Buterin, wrote the first 2 books on stablecoins, to be published by Blockchain Research Institute.

NFT Day Recap (

  • Three different NFTDay NFTs released to all attendees, depending on tier (Free, Collector ($39), VIP ($99)). The VIP tier received an autographed Sooth & Sayer NFT and a special treasure box (loot crate) from the Chibis project. There’s MORE! Free Tier attendees will get 2 randomly dropped special NFTDay Common NFTs; Collector Tier attendees will receive 3 Common and 2 Rare NFTs; and VIP Tier attendees will receive 10: all 5 Common, 3 random Rares and 2 random Epic NFTs. These will be airdropped either tonight or tomorrow.

Finally Aligned – Podcast NFT

  • The Finally Aligned Podcast: The world’s first NFT podcast! It aims to be “honest about objective truth” covering the gamut of popular topics. While not specifically *about* NFTs or even blockchain technology, it is the world’s first podcast minted directly as actual NFTs on a blockchain (WAX). The podcast uses IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) to store the podcast content. PROMOTION: The first purchaser of each of the episodes will receive special NFT as a “token” of thanks for supporting the podcast.

State of the Megaverse

  • As of this broadcast, 78.26% of the BCH packs have been opened! This means BCH has now surpassed GPK Series 1 in percentage of packs opened.

Arcane Rise: The Vortex

  • The Vortex is now officially closed! The total mints for the 5 Arcane Legendary NFTs were: Ethermage (31), Brightstroke (37), The Wizard (40), The Prophet (42), and Magic Man (50).

Update 1.2: Alpha Trinity

  • For the 1st 1% (76%-77%), 2 of the new Alpha Trinity Mythic NFTs were given, and for the 2nd 1% (77%-78%), three were given: three Metaliks and two Litespeeds. Nobody has won a Mythic Genesis, yet… That means the #1 mint Mythic Genesis is still to come!

Bitcoin Bro Artist Sketch Auction

  • The Bitcoin Bro Artist Sketch was auctioned off by silent auction (unknown bids, with winner going to highest bidder), with 50% of the final bid going to the artist. The highest bid was 10,420 WAX by Travis, but he decided to pay it forward and let the second highest bidder (10,000 WAX) win the NFT (Craig G.).

Update 1.3

  • Be on the lookout for the official Update 1.3 in two weeks!

Pack Ripping Party!

  • Everyone who opened a pack live on-stream received a free spin on the Wheel of Heroes, guaranteeing a bonus BCH card or FREE Hero Pack!