It was another great community meeting as we revealed update 1.2. Alpha Trinity offers the opportunity to collect brand new Mythic-level Trinity NFTs just by opening packs of cards!

This missive was delivered during the meeting…


August 26, 2020

Category: Incident
Designation: Arcane Rise, Cont.

To all Heroes:

The anomaly’s power has been successfully absorbed by a small contingent of Heroes. However, while protocol Snake Charmer has siphoned energy from the vortex, it has not collapsed the vortex. Unknown forces are continuing to stabilize it.

Moreover, energy readings targeted at the vortex’ deepest point indicate increasing concentrations of Blockchain, different from the strains extracted by the more magical Heroes: Results are inconclusive, however these concentrations bear marked similarities to major, existing strains.

Further speculation indicates the possibility of interdimensional interference as the potential cause of both the vortex and the sustained power signatures. I don’t have to tell you that our universe has recently received multiple arrivals clearly not from our own dimension.

That said, all Heroes should remain on alert – permitting the vortex to fall under the territorial control of centralizer forces is inadvisable. Please do not interact directly with the vortex unless ordered otherwise.

Silver Scientist





Check out the replay and stick around for the pack openings, as two Mythic cards dropped back-to-back!

Here’s a summary compiled by community member Oli W


Executive Summary:

(3m:30) NFT Day – Friday 28th 2020 – Order Tickets from:

Buy the Collector Package or NFT Genius, and receive Nft’s plus entry into the raffle where you can win prizes such as a BCHeroes Titan pack, and GPK Series one Mega Packs.
(Also the first 250 NFT Genius ticket holders, receive a signed Sooth n Sayer Nft, See report 8mins10)

(12m:10) Vortex Burn News: 19 slots still available. 18,000 commons burnt so far.
There was another burn by Burn Master Al, producing an Arcane Brightstroke which was won by lucky Jay Gee.

(19m:00) New Promotional Hero: Uplifter: Limited edition of 12/12.
Visit and sign up:
72 hour charity event; make a 30 Wax bid/donation and you will be entered into a draw for the Uplifter nft. Begins Friday.

(27m:15) Community Badges: Created by Alex.
These are special not Badges which cannot be traded but reside in wallets as a show of community prestige. (non transferable badges).
Bronze: For anyone who has bought a card or pack.
Silver: For anyone who has entered their wallet address into a community meeting form.
Gold: For extra special community helpers. (so far, Alex, Al)
Emerald: For Technical helpers such as Wax team members. (so far; Evan,Till,Hymrick,Jona,Fabian)
Diamond: For the 4 founders; Joel, Travis, Zach, Jerrick).

(33m:45) Update 1.2: Alpha Trinity:
Every pack opened for the next 5% of packs will enter a special draw to receive a new Mythic token. There will be a total of 12: 4 Genesis/ 4 Metalik/ 4 Litespeed – The Alpha Trinity.
The draws will take place at the community meetings after each percent of packs have been opened. (can be a Hero or Titan pack. Begins at 76%. 125 opened packs represents 1%. There will be 3 or 2 of these Mythic cards distributed each time until all 12 have been distributed.)
Check Pack Opening Progress here:

(47m:32) Information about Dust.

(52m:45) Next Week Auction of Signed Copy of Bitcoin Bro Original Artist Sketch 1/2.
(Kenn Bosak is receiving the 2/2).
The Aritist is Christian Mirra and he will receive 50% of the auction sale.
The back of the card will have a quote and picture of Kenn.

(1h:01:00) Update 1.3 is probably 3 weeks away, due to technical difficulties.

(1h:09:30) Community Pack Giveaway and Rips.
Pull: Mythic Great Gekko (1h:30:55)
Pull: Mythic Mz Stability (1h:35:35)