With just 3 weeks until the release of Blockchain Heroes 2: First Strike, we’ve decided to provide our loyal community with an opportunity to pre-order packs for the set at a DISCOUNT!

The Black Friday sale for 20% of the supply for Phase 1 of our sale will take place at 12 pm EST on 11/27/2020. NOTE: Phase 1 packs will ALL be pre-minted, so all the low mints will be found in these packs. It doesn’t matter WHEN you open them as the cards are pre-minted. Takes a little pressure off, yes?

While we haven’t announced supply and pricing for packs yet, this would be a good time to do so!

5-Card Hero Packs – $4.95
30-Card Titan Packs – $24.95
55-Card Gallery Crates – $44.95

Total supply for PHASE ONE of the sale (which includes only pre-minted cards with all early mints) is as follows:

5000 Hero Packs
1500 Titan Packs
1000 Gallery Crates

For Black Friday, we are making 20% of the supply available at a discount with limits for each kind of pack.

5-Card Hero Packs – $3.95
30-Card Titan Packs – $23.95
55-Card Gallery Crates – $42.95

IMPORTANT! What you are purchasing in the sale is an NFT representing a pack that will be airdropped to you on the DAY of the sale, which is currently set for 12/15/2020. Every NFT will receive a pack. Because of this, the NFT is NOT transferable. The packs you receive on launch day ARE transferable.

We thought we would add a little extra delight to our community on this Thanksgiving weekend because we are thankful for you!

The pre-sale takes place on AtomicHub at http://nifty.deals/presale

As previously announced in our community meetings, once phase 1 is sold out (early mints), an unlimited pack sale will take place for the next 24 hours so you can buy gift packs for friends and family. This is an ESSENTIAL part of this launch as it is our goal to bring at last 2500 NEW collectors into the space!