With the blockchain power of NFTs becoming clear to the Heroes, one brave soldier has taken it into all four of his own hands to scour the city for waxy residue.

This hero was born in a Centralizer lab as part of an experiment in creating hybrids to be weaponized against militant opponents. Ants, with their thoughtless obedience and incredible relative strength, were one of the first of natures’ successes that the Empire’s lab sought to appropriate for their own ends.

Their experiment had met mixed results. On one hand, the creature produced was both swift and strong. On the other, its intelligence was higher than intended, and it struggled to breathe in the impure air. From the moment that it awakened, the experiment panicked itself free of its restraints and escaped the laboratory.

The Empire could not admit to such a humiliating failure – better for an urban legend of a giant ant to form organically than to arrange a hunt for the monster.

The monster himself, lost in the city and realizing that he would be foolish to reveal himself to such a hostile world, quietly subsisted on dumpster dives and nighttime crawls. The most valuable find may have been the discarded surplus gas mask that filtered out the various fumes – at least, until he came upon a peculiar coin.

Golden, gleaming, and marked with an angular “W”, it surely didn’t belong on a trash heap. What’s more, it bore an unmistakable power. To think that someone had discarded it seemed unrealistic – yet, it was only the first of many artifacts. He enthusiastically hunted down more of the objects, until his antennae developed a sense for them – a sense for their power.

The overwhelming wave of power produced by the appearance of the mysterious “Dust caverns” drew his attention immediately. He snuck amongst the crystals, observing the super-powered entities harvesting the materials and discussing their potential use. After weeks of silently lurking there, learning of the power of “Blockchain” through eavesdropping, and coming to know of the formal organization of Blockchain Heroes, he finally decided he’d found humans with whom he would be safe.

Some Heroes were skeptical of the use of such a bizarre creature engineered by the Centralizers. Was it a trick? Only when the ant dumped his bag of blockchain valuables onto the floor before them was his own worth understood. This was the missing link. The physical consequence of the NFTs the Heroes’ multidimensional counterparts had spoken of… and the ant could sense them from a mile away.

Finding quick purchase in the organization, the creature took on the name “Scavenger”. He quickly gained a reputation as one of the Heroes’ most valuable resources, capable of identifying leaks in the fabric of spacetime before they fully formed, and leading the Heroes directly to the Blockchain treasure.

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