“Being stuck in an itty bitty living space for millenia is, like, so overrated. Those ‘tiny house’ people are lost in the sauce, bro.”

Ancient, Eastern myths of spirits are confused, tortured, and convoluted. Over the course of thousands of years, an entire evolutionary tree of perceptions of spiritual entities morphed, split, and expanded into a wide variety of mythological entities all stemming from the same few foundations. Of course, spirits were long-judged by empirical thought to be non-existent.

There’s no paper trail to track exactly how it was that an oil lamp from a time predating any known human civilization could end up in a VHS store at the turn of the 1990s. It’s theorized that the fateful conversation resulting in its tenure at said VHS store went as follows:

“Dude, check out this funky teapot I found in the alley.”

“Whoa. What was it doing there?”

“Just sitting there, bro. I’ve never seen teapots do stuff on their own.”

“Can you open it?”

“Naw dude, the lid’s stuck. See?”

“…You’re right. Okay, well, let’s just put it on the counter. It matches the vibes.”

And so, this particular artifact spent a full three decades in the company of such linguistics. Even as technology advanced beyond the simplistic and easily-damaged VHS, the shop’s inventory remained the same. Even stranger, the shop continued to receive regular business. It moved into selling a humble selection of DVDs and even Bluray disks, but the store’s reputation as “the most radical joint in the dt” had been cemented, and the spirit of the neon-tinged 90s remained alive and well in this localized retail establishment.

One fateful day, the lamp vanished from its position on the counter. When the employees reviewed the security footage, they were certain someone had pranked them – the video clearly showed what looked to be a giant ant scurrying in, ensuring that no eyes were upon him, yoinking the lamp from the counter and scurrying back out. An attempt at filing a police report was made, but the shop owner was laughed out of the station.

This lamp was one of the more bizarre of Scavenger’s finds. He insisted to Silver Scientist that the lamp indeed bore blockchain energy, and upon examination with instruments, this claim was uncannily confirmed. Silver toiled to find the right protocol to apply to extract the power within the lamp, until finally, he attempted the correct method.

The Heroes’ laboratory filled with blue smoke and a deafening “Duuuuuude!” rattled the building. From within the lamp spewed the unmistakable form of a djinn, albeit one clothed like a 90s cypherpunk. He casually slung an arm bearing an impractically configured gauntlet peripheral around Silver Scientists’ shoulder and immediately started drawling complaints about having no idea how long he’d been confined in the artifact, needing to stretch his non-existent legs, and the like – all coupled with obnoxious slang from decades past.

Simultaneously irritated, awestruck, and driven by urgency, Silver knew he had to solve the mysterious connection between this spirit and blockchain energy. He abruptly explained the circumstances in which the Blockchain Heroes found themselves, then grilled the djinn with an array of technological questions.

The two quickly realized that they had differing and interlocking puzzle pieces. Djinn had spent his time at the VHS store attempting to solve the problem of the flawed rental system that proved to be the operational bane of the establishment (even if he couldn’t actually break free of his lamp to assist). Silver wanted to increase accessibility to smart contracts. When they pooled their efforts, they were able to develop a smart contract together that would free the spirit from his prison for good.

Though Heroes such as Silver Scientist find his impossibly laid back demeanor and lazy, slang-filled speech maddening, Djinn’s magical talent for weaving blockchain power into new use cases is hella unmatched.

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