Blockchain Heroes Deck of Cards – 1st Print Limited Edition!

Can’t get enough of the Blockchain Heroes trading cards? We’ve got some exciting news for you! By popular demand, we are creating a physical product for Blockchain Heroes!

While you may not be able to complete a full set of digital trading cards on Blockchain, you CAN own a complete NFT-based deck of fifty-five cards featuring every hero and class card. Cards are printed on quality card-stock and come packaged in a plastic box with Blockchain Heroes cover and scannable QR code (to register your deck on blockchain.)

The decks will come in two variations:

  • Standard Hero Deck – Contains all fifty-cards on quality card stock with scannable QR code and 2 bonus exclusive Blockchain Hero cards (not available in packs)

  • Shockwave Refractor Titan Deck – Contains all fifty-cards with “shockwave” variation on special luminescent card stock. These cards really pop! Comes with scannable QR code and 5 bonus exclusive Blockchain Hero cards (not available in packs)

Please note that these cards are samples. The Titan Deck cards will have background similar to the authentic Blockchain Heroes Legendary Shockwave cards. They will look amazing!


How much do the decks cost?

Both variations of decks will be available via pre-release NFTs in batches. 100 Hero Decks and 50 Titan Decks will be released in each batch. The price will increase for both decks with each batch. The number of total decks is set to 500 Hero Decks and 250 Titan Decks.  Pricing is as follows:

Hero Deck – 55 Cards in Standard variation plus 2 bonus exclusive Blockchain Hero digital cards (listed in US$, but purchases will be made in equivalent amount of WAX cryptocurrency)

  • 1-100 – $35 – Sold Out!
  • 101 – 200 – $40 – Sold Out!
  • 201 – 300 – $45 – Sold Out!
  • 301 – 400 – $50 – Sold Out!
  • 401- 500 – $60 – Sold Out!

Titan Decks – 55 Cards in Shockwave variation plus 5 bonus exclusive Blockchain Hero digital card (listed in US$, but purchases will be made in equivalent amount of WAX cryptocurrency)

  • 1 – 50 – $60 – Sold Out!
  • 51 – 100 – $70 – Sold Out!
  • 101 – 150 – $80 – Sold Out!
  • 151 – 200 – $90 – Sold Out!
  • 201 – 250 – $100 – Sold Out!
  • NOTE: The full run of both Hero AND Titan Decks are officially sold out! You may, however, seek to acquire your Deck NFT from the secondary marketplace.

How do I pre-order a deck?

We believe this may be the first Kickstarter-like project on blockchain. All 750 pre-sale retail decks are sold out, but you can go to and login with your WAX cloud wallet to find decks on the secondary marketplace.

When you purchase a Deck NFT, you own the RIGHT to claim a physical deck of cards. However, until the token is redeemed, the token can be held, traded or sold.

How do I exchange an NFT for a physical deck of cards?

Once decks are ready to ship, we will notify via our email list and telegram. Instructions for redeeming token will be issued at that time. At that time you will provide your shipping information. Please see shipping costs below for any questions related.

You can also see this in the description field of the actual NFT. In your wallet, click DETAILS of the item and you will see something like this.

How do I register my deck on blockchain?

Once you receive your physical deck(s), it will come with a unique QR code. Scanning the code will provide you with an NFT Badge representing ownership of your deck, with its own mint #. The QR code will also allow you to claim your BONUS Blockchain Heroes cards to your WAX cloud wallet.

How will deck NFTs mint?

Decks will mint with random numbers from the complete set of 500 Hero decks and 250 Titan decks. Each set will have their own mint series. The benefit to purchasing early is the lower price for decks.

How do I claim my bonus Blockchain Hero cards?

You will be able to claim your bonus cards when you register your deck on blockchain by scanning the QR code that will come with your deck.

When will the decks ship?

Now! Go to to redeem your Deck NFTs for physical decks!

Will there be a shipping cost?

There is no additional shipping cost for the United States or Canada. HOWEVER, if the cost of shipping to your destination is more than $7.50, we will ask you to make up the difference for shipping.  Some of the more remote locations can be exceptionally expensive and we’ll ask you to cover that cost.

Can I hold my NFT forever?

You can, but there will be a limited window to redeem your NFT for a physical deck. In other words, we’re not going to ship these for years to come. But announcements will be made so people have plenty of time to redeem.

You may now redeem your Deck NFTs for physical decks at!