August 12, 2020

Category: Incident
Designation: Arcane Rise

To all Heroes:

The anomaly reported yesterday, August 11, has completed its catalytic transformation. Where initially an enigmatic energy font originated midair, there is now an interdimensional vortex. This vortex conveys no force outside of its bounds, but will consume anything offered into it. This indicates that the vortex does not present imminent danger.

However, we have established 99.6 percent certainty that a volatile strain of Blockchain energy has been infused into the vortex’ operation. Thus, harvesting the energy for BCH use ASAP has become a critical priority: Centralizer assets have been spotted on recon in the area. This energy must be seized before we lose the opportunity to harvest it!

Simulations suggest that by channeling Blockchain power into the vortex, we can dilute its active elements and dissipate it, which would allow us to harvest the vortex’s extra power.

In order to complete this process we estimate that 200 Heroes will be required to channel into the vortex simultaneously, starting on Wednesday, August 19th, at noon Eastern Standard Time. See Protocol Snake Charmer below for detailed instructions.

Overseer has assured me that a special reward awaits those who volunteer their resources to this effort.
Silver Scientist

Protocol: Snake Charmer

Sustained channeling of Blockchain power measured at rating 100 will suffice for your individual participation. In order to prevent a volatile reaction, 200 differing sources of channeling are required.

In order to coordinate Heroes for this protocol, we are now taking registration: Providing us with your confirmation will sign you up to participate in the energy harvest on August 18th.

//Burn any 100 common Series 1 Blockchain Heroes cards. Your reward is a new, exclusive Legendary variation of a magic-using Hero.

The five NEW Legendary Arcane NFTs are all pictured below. Participants for the campaign will receive one of these NFTs randomly upon burning 100 common Series 1 cards.


☑️ Blockchain Heroes update v1.1
😲 Wednesday, August 19, 2020 😮
👉🏼 12 noon EST 👈🏼

📜 As initially presented by Silver Scientist in a special missive from Blockchain Heroes HQ, the time is approaching for the registered volunteers to proceed with the assigned task. The Vortex will open on August 19th at noon EST.

👩🏻‍💻 Only 200 volunteers will be able to participate, beginning with the first 200 on the registration list. Volunteers will have 200 volunteers to proceed to the vortex location (will be accessible at https://heroes.atomichub.io/tools/overview/bcheroes) to prepare 100 COMMON Hero cards from the fifty eligible heroes for placement into the vortex. The 100 hero cards may be in any configuration you wish.

🔘 Upon placing your cards into the vortex tool, a button option will appear to permanently burn your cards from the entire supply of cards. If you don’t see the button, either the event has not started or you are not eligible to participate.

💯 Once successfully submitted, the 100 hero cards will be permanently removed from your inventory and you will receive a brand new LEGENDARY ARCANE NFT randomly distributed from the five new NFTs in the series. New NFTs will mint in the order they are created by the vortex.

⏳ Volunteers will have 24 hours (until 12 noon EST on August 20th, 2020) to complete the task. At this time, all volunteer slots will be made available to the additional volunteers on the waitlist. It will be a first-come, first-serve exercise with the vortex permanently closing once 20,000 common hero cards have been sent into the vortex.

💥 The list of volunteer WAX wallet addresses can be seen at http://badco.in/vortex – If you volunteered, find your wallet address on the list so you know if you qualify for the first 24 hours or if you must wait for a spot to open.

Good luck to our intrepid volunteers who will be feeding magic energy into the Vortex! May you all come out unscathed with a new Legendary Arcane NFT. 😃