Wow! Congratulations to all who were able to acquire Phase One packs of Blockchain Heroes containing all the #1 mint cards and all the 1/1 super rare cards! They are now all out in the wild and the feedback has been fantastic!

Now we move on to Phase 2 of the sale and it has begun.

Initially, Phase 2 was designated as a 24-hour sale. However, on reflecting we realize this does not best serve the community nor the goals of this launch.

To that end, we are extended the “gifting” portion of the sale until Christmas Eve. Here’s why:

1) Our goal has always been to onboard new people into the WAX ecosystem. The more people buying, selling and trading NFTs the better for everyone. Phase 2 is 50% about gifting and it’s why we have developed the Gift NFT system with our friends at

Right now the system allows you to only gift Blockchain Heroes packs. But soon you’ll be able to gift individual NFTs. January 1st you’ll be able to gift NFTs of several popular brands. And on February 1st you’ll be able to gift ANY NFT on WAX! Gifting should really take place up through Christmas, so we are extending Phase 2 to go to Christmas Eve.

2) Any concerns about card supply need not worry. Phase one has LESS of any card of the same rarity as series one, and we have persistent BURN mechanisms starting on Friday and rolling out new ones over the coming weeks.

But MORE urgent are the Artifacts in the supply! In order for the the gamification to work, all Artifacts must be pulled / have a chance to be pulled from phase 2 and phase 3. We have DOUBLED the odds of pulling an artifact from phase 2 packs. Extending phase 2 solves this problem as we believe enough packs will get out to accomplish this goal.

Prices for Phase 3, which are designed for new users that you bring to the platform, will go back to normal prices. Odds for artifacts will also go back to normal. We aren’t concerned about artifacts getting in due order.

We understand that some of you buy packs to flip and that’s fine, and healthy. We just don’t want NEW people to pay higher prices to get in the system, unless they want low mints. So just don’t buy phase 2 or 3 to flip, unless you want to speculate on them.

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