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The Rebellion launches on January 21st!

Blockchain Heroes is a megaverse of web3-inspired superheroes and villains battling for the fate of a rich, fictional world. Retro Rebellion is our 4th release, consisting of 40 richly-designed characters across a multitude of unprecedented variations alongside the largest collaborative effort seen on the WAX blockchain. Retro Rebellion packs are loaded with the most advanced NFTs ever created on the WAX blockchain. Get yours today!

Pack Sale Information

Hero Packs (5-card packs) will be $14.95 in WAX. Each pack will contain 5 random Retro Rebellion NFTs from the pool of cards containing common, uncommon, scarce, rare, epic, legendary, mythic and secret. Each pack will have an additional chance to drop a sticker, a classic art card, a collector’s edition, Motes and/or Motespawns, AND a Unity pack. Odds of a 2-card Unity pack dropping from a Hero Pack is 50%.

Titan Packs (30-card packs) will be $74.95 in WAX. That’s essentially 6 packs for the price of five. Each pack will contain 30 cards with drops similar to Hero Packs. Each pack will be guaranteed a sticker and a classic art card. There will also be a chance of receiving a collector’s edition, and Motes and/or Motespawns Each Titan Pack is GUARANTEED one Unity Pack and there are FOUR additional chances of a Unity Pack dropping from a Titan Pack, which is one being a 50% chance. (So each Titan pack will drop between 1–5 Unity Packs).

The sale will take place in two four-hour windows, with collectors able to purchase as many packs as you desire. There will be a total cap of 20,000 Hero Packs and 4,000 Titan Packs. We are discouraging instant flipping of packs, so this ensures the right amount of cards commensurate with demand will be minted.

The first sale window will take place at 10 am EST — 2 pm EST on January 21st.

The second sale window will take place at 10 pm EST — 2 am EST on January 22nd.

What are Unity Packs?

Scores of partners from across WAX and beyond have pitched in to build up the Rebellion together. Nearly all of the assets they've created are exclusive, and only drop within Unity Packs. Unity Packs are free bonuses that can drop in Hero and Titan Packs. The vast majority of Unity Pack assets share our synthwave inspiration, and many assets include current or future play-to-earn utility in their creators' respective collections!

Find These Partners' Assets Inside Unity Packs

Complete the ULTRABLEND and Ascend

For the first time ever, an ascended community member’s Blockchain Hero – Lord Grimm – is being released to the world. The world still needs more Heroes, though, so 20 Retro Rebellion collectors can ascend to become Heroes (or villains) themselves.

Ascension means that you work directly with the Blockchain Heroes creative director to develop your very own, canonical superhero or supervillain. All 20 ascended characters will be released as part of the Blockchain Heroes set after Retro Rebellion, and each of the individuals who has ascended will receive a 1% net revenue share of that set’s sales!

The ascension process in Retro Rebellion involves a fabled ULTRABLEND – participants will have to craft a huge number of assets together, including assets from Blockchain Heroes Series 1, Blockchain Heroes: First Strike, and Blockchain Heroes: Stonk Wars. Details on ULTRABLEND mechanisms are forthcoming.

A New Kind of Staking

The Heroes' efforts to release power from the closed fists of the Centralizers have caused curious elemental creatures called Motespawns to manifest in the world. These Motespawns are fonts of elemental power, and will soon be stakable in order to harvest the elemental motes that they leave in their wake. Motespawn staking is a system in which you stake NFTs and are rewarded with new NFTs. Motes are required for the ascension ULTRABLEND, but they may have other purposes as well...

Bold collectors may dare to seek out the 1:1 Golden Motespawn, an elusive creature of legend said to produce an equally legendary material.

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