Blockchain Heroes is a superpowered megaverse of crypto- and blockchain-inspired heroes battling greedy and tyrannical villains to decentralize power and bring freedom to the people.

Available as NFTs on Wax and Digital Collectibles on Quidd!



Blockchain Heroes: Stonk Wars

The new Blockchain Heroes 10-card mini-set parodies and commemorates the battle between r/wallstreetbets and the stock market centralizers. These unique digital collectibles feature nine rarities, ultra-rare 3D renders, fully-animated characters, and some secret surprises!
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We Launch In

Blockchain Heroes: First Strike
40 original characters across nine unique rarities, plus ultra-rare 3D renders, fully-animated characters, and even bigger surprises!



Rare [Hero]

Rare [Villain]

Epic [Hero]

Epic [Villain]

Legendary [Hero]

Legendary [Villain]

Mythic [Hero]

Mythic [Villain]

Smoke 1/1 [Hero]

Psychotic 1/1 [Villain]



Sinister Smoke 1/1

Collector’s Edition

Blockchain Heroes is a lovingly-crafted NFT collectible series on the WAX blockchain full of professionally-rendered characters who represent people and concepts in the world of blockchain.

Blockchain Heroes promises a wealth of awesome characters to discover, a rich and dynamic fictional megaverse to explore, regular community events with exclusive rewards, and serial surprises.

Why Blockchain?

When blockchain technology meets collectibles like Blockchain Heroes trading cards, collectors can:

  • Sell them on a marketplace

  • Trade collectibles instantly, with anyone, anywhere in the world – for free!

  • Trade with confidence that every collectible is certified authentic, unique, and can never be altered

  • View a collectible’s full ownership records and trading history

  • Showcase their inventory on social media

  • Search wishlists of other traders.

Learn about the various rarities of cards in the Blockchain Heroes sets on our FAQ page.

So what can you expect?

  • 20 brand new Heroes (led by Disciple)!

  • 20 EVIL Villains (led by the all-consuming beast, Rez-Phede)!

  • 4 NEW Collector’s Edition variations, including Action cards and 3D Trophies!

  • 10 New Class Cards

  • 84 New Classic art cards

  • 16 New Borders (with 4 rarities!)

  • 42 Exclusive 1/1 Cards

  • More than 1050 #1 Mint cards in the collection!

  • And NINE New Artifacts that will provide up to 10 lucky people…
    … the Opportunity to become a Blockchain Hero or Blockchain Villain in the future!

Upgrade your extra cards in an ongoing burn activity which begins Friday, December 18th, 2020 at 12 pm EST. Simply take any 5 hero or villain cards of the same variation and burn them for a new card of the next higher rarity! Any combination of five series 2 cards will work. 

For example, you can burn 2 common hero cards and 3 common villains to get a random new UNCOMMON card. See chart below for all upgrade options. New upgraded cards will be minted in order they are created, starting with highest mint from Phase One packs (Pre-minted). For more details, watch this video, queued to the segment about card upgrades. 

There are some Hero and Villain NFTs so amazing that they could not be found in packs.

But you can CREATE them! Starting Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020 at 12 pm EST, there will be a race to create 10 brand new Collector’s Edition NFTs featuring 5 heroes and 5 villains.

To participate in this activity, you’ll need complete collections of all 20 heroes or all 20 villains in any rarity.

For example, a complete collection of RARE Villain cards will produce a brand new CE Villain. See chart below for all upgrade options.

These new spectacular NFTs will be minted in order of creation, starting with #1.

For more details, watch this video, queued to the segment about the Race to Collector’s Editions. 

The ultimate Blockchain Heroes megaverse prize awaits those who collect 9 artifacts to be used in an attempt to Ascend.

The 9 artifacts are found in packs offered during all three phases of the Blockchain Heroes pack sales.

For details, we recommend watching this video which is queued to the segment about Artifacts.



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What are you waiting for?

The world needs more Heroes! The evil and corrupt Centralizer forces have mounted a devastating attack on the Blockchain Heroes Headquarters!

In this hour of crisis, sinister and greedy villains rise to silence the Heroes – but all is not lost, for a new generation of brave and mighty souls stand up to battle back the forces of powermongering and authoritarian control.


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